Hoth For Teacher

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bellcitygeekery 170

Synergy is what works here. Each character plays into the other making it so that your dice are very very consistent.

Rey's action stacking paired with Kanan's ability to resolve dice before you do another action make this deck incredibly fast. Not to mention when you get those force speeds out.

Fast isn't the only thing this deck has, the shield generation is bar none, one of the best in the game with Shoto Lightsaberand Rey's Lightsaberas well as the use of Caution. Starting with 29 health is a lot for your opponent to chew through, but then adding non-stop shield generation and healing from Ancient Lightsaber is really something else.

This also allows you to survive in a direct damage heavy environment we are currently seeing with FN-2199 - Loyal Trooperand Kylo Ren - Tormented One.

As with most Rey - Force Prodigydecks, her primary focus is speed. You'll want to load her up as much as you can to gain those extra actions. Roll her in, then roll in Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi, resolving a Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi die if you want before rolling in your Jedi Instructor.

Hopefully you'll hit something other than the blank on your Jedi Instructor. Then use her ability to turn another one of your dice to a side matching the one you just rolled. Sometimes shields, hopefully melee.

Then swing away for big damage.

Cards like Force Misdirectionare amazing with this deck. You can use Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedito focus your dice to a side you want to remove before playing Force Misdirection. So let's say your opponent is playing a ranged damage heavy deck, you can do a "Play a Card" action, but resolve the focus on Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi before you play that card to the side you want to remove, in this case, a ranged side on the other Kanan die, or on the Instructor die, then remove all ranged damage with Force Misdirection.

Destiny is also an amazing tool for this deck, it allows for a turn 1 One With The Forceor Master of the Councileach game. Between 3 characters, you're almost always guaranteed a 4 value showing, especially once you get a couple Force Speed on Rey - Force Prodigy.

All in all, the deck is fun, and synergetic. More so than most other decks I've played. With more practice, I really think this is Tier 1.


Rassilon5x5 10

So, I tried this deck out a little this weekend, all the same upgrades, but with some event card change: adding x2 Rend (meta call?), adding x2 Overconfidence (additional mitigation), and the addition of It Binds All Things (which buffs Destiny).

I took out the Cautions, Light Saber Training, and Riposte for these.

It seemed to do well against a Emo Vader/Phasma deck and New Kylo/Phasma deck.

I'm also thinking about replacing Master of the Council with Luke's Lightsaber.

Any comments on my changes would be appreciated, as well as any updates on your play experience as you have it currently designed, or if you've updated it?

I too see this as a possible competitive deck going forward this "season", and hope to fine tune it as much as possible. Thanks!

PorgChop 293

We'll see.

jameskiefferoh 1

Played this tonight in a small tournament, It worked Amazingly well. Went 2-1 Beating Phasma Guavian, Trooper.and lost to Jabba Dooku mill. Mostly due to not knowing the deck very well. Any advice on playing against Mill?

bellcitygeekery 170

@Rassilon5x5 I think removing Caution and Riposte is a huge mistake personally. Riposte in this deck can easily do 6 damage once you get your shotos going. It's common for me to replace a weapon on Rey with her Saber and then using my additional action to Riposte into 3 damage to kill someone.

Master of the council might be a good choice for a change, or even putting in a second One With The Force to make sure you pull it before one of the characters die.

As for my deck, I'm constantly going back and forth between Funeral Pyre and not. It's been performing very well for me. However, it does require a lot more practice to get comfortable with it.

bellcitygeekery 170

@jameskiefferoh You really want to minimize your discards to reroll. The deck should work itself out with rolls between Kanan and Instructor. Load up as quickly as you can with Rey to get your upgrades out. Once they are down, they can't mill them from you. One With The Force is HUGELY helpful with it's focus, again, to minimize your discards to reroll.

PorgChop 293

@bellcitygeekery everybody knows that.

Dave Sharona 606

This list is great.

But so much more than that, this title is great, and is worthy of many internet credits and up votes and hashtags and whatnot.

I approve of this.

bellcitygeekery 170

Hahahah @Dave SharonaThanks!

PorgChop 293

@bellcitygeekery uh....where’s the name credit?

bellcitygeekery 170

@PorgChop Very true, the deck was originally named Hot For Teacher, and you suggested Hoth :) It was a great suggestion. Thank you.

Ergonomic Cat 1

I took out Holdout Blaster in my version - the ambush was amazing, but the sides just seemed bad most of the time. I put in a single Luke's Saber and a Force Push - Kanan Focus on a Force Push to special can be fantastic.

I also used Reaping the Crystal in that version over Destiny.

But this is a super fun deck, whether you have Padawan or Instructor in the third slot.

bellcitygeekery 170

@Ergonomic CatIt's really only there for the ambush. The money helps as well. Force Push isn't a bad idea for Force Misdirection. I just have a hard time with 3 drops.

Reaping the Crystals was a consideration, which might even be more true now that I've taken out Destiny and added another Lightsaber.