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I've done a lot of play testing with the variant of Wren and Stimpy, I really like having Jetpack against melee damage. Since It's a Trap! is out with ambush I went harder on boosting Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert. Any suggestions? I usually play all these events, thought of dropping A280 Blaster Rifle for Unpredictable or Dug in, as shields on top of Second Chance really help her. Starship Graveyard - Jakku helps me get a 3rd Second Chance which usually lets Poe Dameron - More Than A Pilot become the target and Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert can go for the throat. I need to pickup 4 cards, and then this is good for tournaments :) With fn/kylo out and vibroknife busted, I think there is potential here.

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