How I Learned To Stop Giving A Shit and Embrace Insanity

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superabsurd 348

This deck is my disasterpiece. I wanted to build something... unique. All my colleagues told me I was crazy. They said Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary and Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple were a dumb pairing. They called me a madman. They attempted in vain to show me the error of my ways. "Play Jango Fett - Lethal Mercenary/Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician" they said. "You'll love the Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader/Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen/Rookie Pilot vehicles deck, I swear" they pleaded. "Darth Vader - Sith Lord/MagnaGuard is still great" they whimpered. "Please man, we're worried about you" they shouted at me through gritted teeth, tears streaming down their faces, like if Nicolas Cage portrayed Ryan Gosling's character from The Notebook (side note: I've never seen The Notebook, I just know the cover of the DVD had a wet Ryan Gosling on it, so just go with it.) But I took the road less traveled. I chose stupidity over normalcy and if I were given a chance to go back I wouldn't change a goddamn thing.

Please allow me to introduce, for the first time as a celebrity couple, Kylo Bane. No? What about Cad Ren? Still not feeling it. Wait for it... Cadlo Brane! No, we'll probably get a cease and desist from Lazlo Bane. Let's just do this part later. Ladies and Gentlemen, let's break it down.

You're opponent will rightfully target Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary, as on paper he is a much greater threat. Throw some Armor Platings and Force Illusions onto him to postpone his death to our best possible extent. Once he's dead the focus shifts to our main damage dealer, the true threat of the deck.

This deck is all about utilizing It Binds All Things, Deadly and Hate. Ideally you'll drop both Deadly on Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple and a copy of Hate as soon as possible. We do not care what his dice roll. All we care about is five guaranteed damage (four of which is unblockable) every time we roll him out barring dice mitigation. If a die gets removed? Endurance it right back onto the board. This is only to be used on Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple's dice for the guaranteed damage, we don't want to gamble with Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary and potentially have to pay for his damage sides.

Once he gets to four or so damage on Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple, overwrite Hate with both Crossguard Lightsaber one after another for two free damage. Then overwrite again with an Ancient Lightsaber and let the healing begin. Unless you're facing a choke/mill deck you can keep bringing the sabers back each turn once you're down to no cards in your deck, It Binds All Things for a free heal, drop the other with resources, two more heal, bottom of the deck, rinse and repeat forever. The Ancient Lightsabers are anti-mill as well as four free health each turn at the end of the deck if the game goes that long. Otherwise we have Lightsaber Pull to bring it back twice naturally before we reach the end.

The battlefield is debatable. I considered a lot of different ones, but settled on the one that is the least likely to work in the favor too much to anyone else, as this deck isn't really that quick until Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary kicks the bucket. The other battlefield I considered is Obi-Wan's Hut - Tatooine to give Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple shields each turn and deny my opponent free shields unless they happen to be playing blue as well, which seems pretty prominent. I'm likely to swap for that in future iterations of this deck.

So, thoughts? Insults? Praise? Butt stuff? See you in the comments!


ttejuco 36

Just tried a variant on this deck. Super fun. I had redeploy guns on Cad that went over to Kylo. I overwrote Deadly on a holdout blaster, and equipped another one the previous turn. Basically a full health kylo would do 4 unblock-able dmg every roll out.

Brandonious 222

Butt stuff! Haha!!!

Fun looking build. I must try.

Dave Sharona 606

The point is to be pointless.

Until they're suddenly dead.

I only BARELY beat this deck with my very well-tweaked Han/Snap. And it came down to a good roll

not Wedge 1

What do you suggest doing if I only have one Ancient lightsaber? More control? Try for a Rise Again?

superabsurd 348

@not Wedge unless you're playing a choke deck like @Davs Sharona's aforementioned Han/Snap, you'll have plenty of money leftover. I considered slotting at least one Rise Again so it is definitely, in my eyes, a good substitute.

Dave Sharona 606

I agree with the agreement to assess agreements about Rising Again. Also, FREE UPGRAAAAAAADE