Emperor Palpatine: Dark Lord

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YesByGames 65

Palpatine - Galactic Emperor was the first Destiny deck I built when I began playing.

With the addition of the 2-Player starter & Empire at War, there are been some new cards that really improve the deck. I really like Dark Counsel rather than Force Push. The focus and card draw can't be understated. The 2x 2-damage sides of Force Push will be missed, but I feel Palpatine - Galactic Emperor is better served as a control deck rather than an aggro deck so it's ok to slow down. We'll still be able to push our damage through and hopefully Dark Counsel's focus sides can prevent us from discarding to reroll much.

Control options like Force Throw (EDIT: Force Throw has subsequently been replaced by Mind Probe), Deflect, Doubt, Feel Your Anger & Isolation, combined with Rise Again, Indomitable & Force Illusion should allow us to get into the mid-to-late game where we hopefully finish up with a couple of Force Lightning.

Endurance was made for us. Palpatine's dice are very important and this allows us to get one back in the pool.

Another new favourite of mine is It Will All Be Mine. I really like the blow-out potential. (EDIT: It Will All Be Mine has been replaced by Overconfidence)

I've decided to go with a pair of Enrage instead of Rejuvenate. Healing a damage can often go a long way, but with so many cards with a cost, a 3-cost It Will All Be Mine & wanting the ability to play a Rise Again on Turn 2 or 3, I think I like it enough to include it. I had considered slotting in Intimidate instead with the resurgence of shield strategies. I went with the resource generator instead.

What are your thoughts about Palpatine - Galactic Emperor? What would you do to improve my build, and do you think he can make a comeback?


  • I have decided to make the following changes:




Carraminana 77

two much upgrades for only 3 spots, you'll end playing only Force Push, Force Lightning, Force Speed, and Force Illusion,add more free removal like Sound The Alarm or Manipulate, also change the battlefield with Moisture Farm - Tatooine

YesByGames 65

@Carraminana I prefer Otoh Gunga - Naboo over Moisture Farm - Tatooine. I really like that healing and Palp usually does ok with resources, and I have Enrage included in my list.

Sound The Alarm is a very good card. I like it very much and use it in other decks, but feel with villain decks there are plenty of cards that remove dice rather than just re-roll them. But it is something I did consider during the building process and will consider again. I hope it gets a reprint.

I'm also not sure on the optimal number of upgrades for a Palpatine list. Force Illusion goes away after use and Sith Holocron gets replaced by Force Throw & Force Lightning hopefully. Do you recommend removing Force Throw & Dark Counsel?

Carraminana 77

I like Sound The Alarmbecause is free, you need the money for Rise Again, change Force Throw and Dark Counsel with more free removal.

jeremyeagles 10

@JustDwayner-The list looks nearly perfect for upgrades. The trick is to play around mill decks. Rise Again is a good solution for mill if it doesn't get milled itself, to pull back those upgrades. Starship Graveyard - Jakku is always an option. You may want to playtest using Chance Cube cube in place of holocrons because they can fuel your high event cost as well as high upgrade cost. I'm loving them. In my Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader deck, I usually can outright pay for falcon, ghost, and black one by round 3. Focus from dark counsel with force speed special early game is great way to earn money off of chance cube, especially with Mos Eisley Spaceport - Tatooine to pay the cost of using chance cube without slowing down your ability to claim the battlefield. You could then ditch Enrage for something better. Lightsaber Throw for example.

Ganexus 1

Question : If there is 3 upgrades on Palp and I play Rise Again, can I overwrite an upgrade with the free one?

YesByGames 65

@Ganexus Yes you can.

jeremyeagles 10

@Carraminana with threat of mill a high number of upgrades is not always a bad thing, as long as you are not super dependent on only one upgrade such as Force Lightning. Also, this deck has an early, middle, and late game plan so the cost of upgrades is largely okay due to overwriting. Dark Counsel has a money side, which is very helpful for this deck. Sound the alarm is very good, but mainly against a damage deck like FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper, Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert, Palpatine - Galactic Emperor or Darth Vader - Sith Lord -- decks where a lucky roll can blow out the whole game. Force Throw is probably not absolutely necessary but it takes the place of the mid-game overwrite.

Carraminana 77

There are no mid or long game with the emperor.

palpster 8

Looks solid. Things I would change due to personal preference: cut Force Speed and add Mind Probe; Force Speed is a great card, I just think with Palp and only 3 upgrade slots it loses out to the other upgrades. Cut down on Feel your Anger and It will all be mine; while the blowout potential is huge, slotting in four cards that entirely count on your opponent rolling blanks is too much for me, especially since you have no other ways to ensure more blanks like Manipulate/Force Choke etc.

MaineQat 1

Definitely keep Force Speed, with him it's helped immensely in two ways for me:

1) If Rend is popular in your meta, your opponent will probably prefer to take away Force Speed over Sith Holocron. Action cheating tends to be a more favorable target to remove than upgrade cheating, but the Holocron is re-usable and much more critical to Papa's resource economy...

2) Getting Palpatine's dice resolved is critical before they get removed by the opponent, and. In multiple games, Force Speed has been critical to getting damage off, especially when it combos with a Sith Holocron special. More than once I've managed to resolve both those specials, roll in an upgrade to a special (preferably a Force Lightning), resolve that special, then go on to do two more actions - usually resolving both Palpatine's dice in some way. So with a good roll-in, by my second turn in a round I've already resolved all of my dice to deliver upwards of 8-10 damage, played a high cost upgrade for free, and have tempo to respond to my opponent with my events. Follow-up with playing the Holocron back in at first opportunity, and being in best position to claim.

Late game, don't be afraid to overwrite it, such as with Force Illusion.

Feel Your Anger has been very useful to me, usually every other game. It Will All Be Mine has only been useful once in over a dozen games. I think I'll be adding Insidious, as it can pay for itself and help generate some resources to get off a Rise Again.

YesByGames 65

@palpster I like your thoughts on It Will All Be Mine & Feel Your Anger. I may just dump It Will All Be Mine altogether for different removal; perhaps go back to Overconfidence. Unless there's a better option. Removing that 3-cost card makes playing Mind Probe more palatable in case I'm in a situation where I have to pay for my upgrades. However, I'm more inclined to have it take the spot of Force Throw rather than Force Speed. I agree that Force Speed is not essential, but I think there is enough upside to include it.

@MaineQat I don't believe I'd add a support to the mix. I think that'll slow us down a little too much.

@jeremyeagles Did you mean a different card when you typed Lightsaber Throw? This deck has no melee sides. I am not 100% committed to Enrage. It's a card that can help but it's certainly a flex spot. I'm open to better options there too.

Zonexir 1

No Mercy instead of Enrage :) This card win a lot of my games.

MaineQat 1

It Will All Be Mine has been very situational, but has helped, so I just run one... Once had it in my hand with 2 resources, my dice showing Force Speed Special, Sith Holocron Special, Palp 1 Resource... and enemy Palp just rolled out 2 blank Palp dice and 2 Focus from upgrades...

If I have to pay for upgrades, I'd rather mill for a Rise Again, and heal some damage too. I've even pitched an upgrade as first action to reroll 0 dice, just to Rise with next action and put it into play.

YesByGames 65

@Zonexir I see lots of people list No Mercy in their deck. I played it in my original Palpatine deck in the summer and I found it lacking. And at that time I was only playing 2 grey cards. Now I have 4. At this point I think it's ineffective for me at least, especially if I ever need to run Sound The Alarm or Rend again.

@MaineQat That's living the dream, man. One would be better than 2 for sure. I think It Will All Be Mine will go nicely with Palpatine - Darth Sidious to use with his power action. I'm going to give that a try.

I'm still trying to find the best replacement for Enrage. Is it Rend, Rejuvenate, Sound The Alarm, or none of them? Maybe something in Legacies will be an auto-include.