The Prize Pelt

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SillyJedi 452

Check out my list, Bossk chicka wow wow :)

StaticCat 39

You're using First Order Stormtrooper to play The Best Defense... seems kind of silly to add 1 First Order Stormtrooper for that card you'd almost be better off going Mono Yellow than splashing red for just those 2 cards . . . otherwise looks like an interesting deck, enjoy :)

Ramin2-D2 217

@StaticCat , he's running Stormtrooper because that's the only way to make point value

Ramin2-D2 217

@jsullivan718 , maybe run Holdout, to get the redeploy

Jsullivan718 15

@ StaticCat I could run Bazine instead of First Order Stormtrooper, but I'd rather have the damage sides. Best Defense is in there because of the Stormtrooper rather than the trooper being there for best defense.