Rebel Leader - Undefeated Store Champion deck

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Dougall 169

I've really started to like using Leia the last while and had been pairing her with Mon Mothma - Skilled Politician, but the mono red does limit some control options and Mothma can't hit hard enough when Leia goes down. Not to mention two player Kylo ripping mono colour decks. Enter Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi. Wow. This is BY FAR the fastest, hard hitting deck I have ever put together. Leia Organa - Born Leader has 50% damage sides on her character dice offering huge damage efficiency.

Went undefeated at my local game store tourney a couple weeks back and was never at risk of losing any match. It defeated Ahsoka Tano - Force Operative and Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi at the beginning of the third turn.

The combination of Hit and Run activating Leia and Kanan's power to resolve dice before your action makes this deck too fast for your opponent to mitigate your dice effectively.

Overkill was one of the most devastating cards in the deck when played on Leia. Huge amounts of damage.

The one card I figured could be effective was Rearm, but I never really used it and will probably look to remove that for some more mitigation events or guns of my own.


freelancer799 1

Did force speed play well for you at all?

Dougall 169

@freelancer799 In the only game that got somewhat tricky it did quite a bit. That was a General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind/Padme Amidala - Queen of Naboo/Jedi Instructor mill deck. I was able to use the force speed to ensure I always got my dice resolved without too much complication and ensure I could take advantage of Frozen Wastes - Starkiller Base. The other games were damage vs damage and my deck was so fast and aggressive it wasn't needed. I guess it depends on the opponents deck.

Scactha 830

I wouldn´t drop Rearm as the deck has economy issues. It´s awesome if you keep rolling those mod or zero cost sides, but when 2 costed sides show after you just bought a gun it´s quite bad. Would rather change it into Logistics for that reason.

Apart from that it's a top deck.

Dougall 169

@Scactha Logistics was one of the cards I was contemplating swapping out for Rearm. I have 3 red guns and put rearm in for that reason, but never actually had a scenario the whole time where it was actually used. It ended up getting discarded for re rolls every time. Thought for sure it would provided value. Was surprised when it didn't.

Ramin2-D2 217

this deck looks cool. Logistics is probably a better choice than Rearm. And maybe adding in more removal, like Overconfidence?

Dougall 169

@Ramin-2D2 Overconfidence is an interesting option that I hadn't considered when building the deck. I do like that it mitigates any die instead of just damage dice. Main issue would be what to take out of the deck. Fortuitous Strike was on the bubble when I built it, but proved to actually be quite effective. I was able to kill off a near dead character with the re roll and was able to focus the full attack on another.

ciamoslaw 1

having so fast deck with kanan and no force missdirection? this card is created for kanan come on.

Dougall 169

@ciamoslaw Is Force Misdirection a good card? Yes. The issue I find with using that alongside Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi is that I am 100% using his power to resolve his die before my turn starts so I only have 1 of his dice to use that card on at the best of times. I just don't find it as efficient even with all his variable sides. And I'm never not going to use his power if the roll is decent. Not letting his dice get mitigated.

Scactha 830

Did you try Planetary Uprising? This deck is so fast I think it could get away with it. The gain would be some less pressure on economy due to fewer pay sides and steadier damage. A loss would be that FS would be less useful to the point of exclusion, but it is random after all. The A280 would be my candidate to exchange.

And shifting to Logistics of course.

Disagree on Force Misdirection too. Kanan is strained enough and Defensive Position is enough blowout control.

Dougall 169

@Scactha I actually had Planetary Uprising out as I was building, but took it out at the last second for Drop Zone. My personal flavor is usually only 1 support in the deck and the 1 resource cost vs 2 was the deciding factor for me. Both seemed good and both are very usable in the deck. The one bonus to drop zone was that I could remove damage at the same time. That particular night I never lost control of the battlefield so it was helpful. I am starting to wonder though if the double support system for claiming the battlefield might not be a bad idea because of the speed.

I know that a few people have mentioned Force Speed, but my observation was that at 50% success on the extra actions was efficient and the Focus alternative was very useful.

mukked 114

How has Fortuitous Strike been? I've always wanted to try that card out but didn't out of fear it was too gimmicky.

Dougall 169

@mukked Surprisingly solid. I drew and used it in two games and didn't draw it in the rest. In the two games I drew it I was able to kill off a character with 3 hit points left when I rolled out 3 ranged damage sides. That allowed me to focus all the damage on my dice solely on the remaining character. The other time it just gave some damage but overall effective. You just need to be smart about it. No point in paying the resource cost to re roll dice that already have damage sides showing. Just make sure you have an upgrade or two in addition to your character dice to maximize the potential.

oldredhat 8

Have you tried running one or two Rocket Launchers?

Dougall 169

@oldredhat I'm not sure it would effectively fit in this deck as it is all about being quick in addition to hitting hard. Having said that...sadly I don't have Rocket Launcher in my inventory so not really an option for me. I'd to have you try it and report back on the effectiveness though as I might consider getting it in the future.

Msieder 1

I agree that force misdirection is made for Kanan. So huge when you roll one of his focu sides, and have one sitting in your hand. You can focus to range or melee and wreck your opponent's whole turn

Dougall 169

@Msieder Where that is a good combo for some decks with Kanan, taking that amount of time to play out would completely ruin the tempo of this deck in most cases. Playing fast and claiming the battlefield is key with Frozen Wastes - Starkiller Base and removing a character die from your opponent. I just don't see it fitting in this deck.

BranFran 1

How does the deck do against sabine ezra's super fast speed and high damage output?

Scactha 830

This deck produces more damage with a steadier output. It´s nowhere near Sabines roll and pray strategy. Kanan and Leia rolls out at 5 dice T1 with effectively 50% damage sides. Sabine then is at 1/3 damage sides and Ezra can safely be ignored while this deck has 4 redeploy weapons and equally threatening chars.

joelker41 98

@DougallWhat do you mean you could remove damage at the same time with drop zone? It does not move damage off of characters.

If you have that means you have been cheating albeit unintentionally (I hope).

Dougall 169

@joelker41 Good catch. I had read the card wrong. Only came out in one game and it was a 3 turn game that the other guy had no chance anyways. Read the card wrong as did my opponent.

Dougall 169

@Scactha Couldn't agree more. This deck just produces solid and consistent damage every turn with a great pace and tempo.

Telimtor 1

I'm just NOT sure it's worth playing blue.. for Force Speed (which is also blue only), Deflect and High Ground. This feels like a red deck to me, and it would make your Fortuitous Strike, Rearm and Hit and Run better.

Scactha 830

Kanan is half the reason for consistency and speed. FS is a perk, not the reason for the deck. The big thing over it´s cousins like the 11-1 2r2p PAX deck is speed. Differing from most other decks this really uses the faster tempo well due to the BG and control suite.

MrCarrier 1

Would the battlefield Main Plaza - Vashka be worth considering in this deck as another source of damage, and essentially healing a hit point each round? If you are fast enough to claim each round I could see the benefits of this battlefield. I think the only characters that are faster and threaten to claim are Jango Fett - Lethal Mercenary decks.

Dougall 169

@MrCarrier It's a good battlefield and offers merits, but I like the control of Frozen Wastes - Starkiller Base. Dice removal without needing a card. You could make an argument either way.

@Telimtor I think that @Scactha summed it up pretty well. Force Speed is a benefit and something to improve efficiency and tempo, but not the reason for blue. I used to run as a mono red with Mon Mothma - Skilled Politician, however she just lacked the punch needed when Leia Organa - Born Leader went down. Blue also offered some additional mitigation and Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi power is really efficient with Leia and pairs really nice.

MrCarrier 1

Have you experimented with Logistics vs Rearm? And what about Planetary Uprising vs Drop Zone? On paper it would seem Logistics with Planetary Uprising is good money and consistent damage. Plus, you cut out an action needed to move damage off Drop Zone.

Dougall 169

@MrCarrier Both good suggestions. Logistics was on the cusp of making the deck and put in Rearm instead. My initial thought was that I was not relying on a roll to get me the resource, but Rearm didn't prove overly effective and am debating switching them back. The main reason for Drop Zone over Planetary Uprising was the cost factor. I can usually afford the one action more than the resource.

Scactha 830

It´ll be interesting to see if Kanan could be switched with Yoda - Wizened Master. There´s tempo and damage loss, but gain in economy, defense and focus. What do you reckon @Dougall?

Dougall 169

@Scactha I like that Yoda - Wizened Master has no blanks, but I'm worried that once Leia Organa - Born Leader goes down the deck loses its damage potential. This is the main reason I switched off of Mon Mothma - Skilled Politician to Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi. My initial thought was that I would end up trying Luke Skywalker - Unlikely Hero with her. You lose a bit of tempo (but Force Soeed could get that back), but you gain on damage potential. He has 50% damage sides and his power could be a built in finisher. Your thoughts?

Scactha 830

That is a valid point and a trap build I´ve fell into few times. Good heads up! Hmm , Luke offer 2 damage sides that´s equal to Kanan at slower tempo and neglible melee/shield sides. The Power ability does not weigh up to Kanans tempo-into-focus imo. Finally, does blue offer anything critical do this deck? Atm I´d say no.

How about Han Solo - Savvy Smuggler? Han's reroll is a dice correction & control feature with better damage sides than Kanans and offers better economy. Further, yellow brings Running Interference, Truce and an upgrade to Holdout through X-8 Night Sniper.

Dougall 169

@Scactha I never even considered Han Solo - Savvy Smuggler. That might be an interesting option. Not a huge fan that I have to pay a resource for one of his damage sides, but he has two resource sides on his dice so that is not bad either. And as you roll upon activation! I also like adding yellow cards as events to this deck. Could be an interesting variation. Sadly though I did not get X-8 Night Sniper in my three booster boxes and various other packs. And no one ever seems to have them in stock when I check to order them...

Scactha 830

Thinking about yellow there´s an option of Chewbacca - Loyal Friend / Kanan too. A gain would be Chewie effectively has 4 damage sides and even faster with Fast Hands. Loss the claim related events and guns. I think the point of the archetype is to capitalize on chars with many damage sides, speed and good weapons. This deck does it very well, but the strategy could well be pursued into other pairings.