I'm No Jedi

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ScottyWhite 8

So I am a huge Star Wars Rebels fan and have been looking forward to playing Kanan and Ahsoka when the new set came out. After acquiring cards I needed and play testing this is what I've come up with.

Ahsoka is a power house on her own with her two sides of 2 Melee damage you just send her out pay the two resources to ready her and send her in again every round until she's dead.

Kanan mean while has his awesome use his dice before an action ability which comes in a variety of situations and you build him up while Ahsoka is doing the heavy lifting.

Keep characters alive by using Yoda's Quarters, and the various shield cards in the deck, plus keep your opponent's dice busy with cards like Deflect and Guard. Do damage with Synchronicity and Riposte, and if you get lucky with special on the Handcrafted Light Bow you can always hit it twice with My Ally Is The Force

So far in play testing it's done well, plan to use it in a tournament this weekend. Thoughts?

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