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AndrewL12 200

I have been playing this deck since the Errata came out. It is the only deck that I have played competitively with so far. I think that it is one of the best decks out there, and I am sad to finally publish it. Every card serves a certain purpose. The general rule of thumb with the way I decide what cards go in is, "If i'm not excited to draw this card, it doesn't belong in the deck".

Let me tell you something I haven't seen on any of the guavian + ebala + eciena decks that have been listed on here, (Or even the nightsister variant, which is still OK). The Battlefield. This battlefield might be the best card in the deck.

Anyways, the whole idea of this deck is to slowly add up redeploy weapons on bala, and always target their weakest link. You can almost always kill their weakest link before they have a chance to kill Bala. All you want to do is get at least one activation with bala, and then he's done his job. After that, 6/8 weapons have redeploy, so you aren't losing any value with upgrades.

The deck has enough mitigation to make your opponent cry.

As far as the one-ofs (coming from being a mtg player, anything that wasnt a 3-4 of in an mtg deck made the overall consistency of the deck much worse), I feel that they both have different purposes. Dh-17 is meant to be played on a character so that you can leave up a resource for a mitigation card, and x-8 is there for the late game when you have a lot of resources. I originally had 2 sound the alarms in, as I was trying to stay away from best defense, as it basically is a "spot a red character", which I only have one of. But the reason its in there is for Sabine, Mace Windu, and mainly, Palpatine. Sometimes removing one die at a time with your mitigation isn't enough, which is why it earned a spot in my list. Plus, it helps keep Bala-tik alive.

Overall, take damage on your other characters with guardian, use all of your dice effectively to do lots of damage to weak targets, use all upgrades (90% of the time at least) at the beginning on Bala,and start crushing your LGS tournaments!

Let me know what you think..

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