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Legal Counsel 11

This is a fun attempt to make Poe playable. Rather than bulding the deck around only using Poe's ability to smash your opponent in the face, this deck is built to play the vehicles once they are used in Poe's special. I was tinkering with it a bit and haven't tested it yet, but also considered perhaps cutting one Millennium Falcon for a Lead by Example. Also could mix and match in a Rocket Launcher. Fast hands on Ezra helps in the resource generation and the DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol will help with late game damage.

The question is whether Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief survives long enough to get a vehivle or two onto the playing field before he dies.


badeesh 56

I'm trying something similar. The Falcon and Ghost kinda suck here in my experience. Suggest including rocket launchers and planetary uprising in their place... You will still be able to fire Poe every round and he needs some upgrades in the late game.

badeesh 56

Sorry to double post. That way you can do tricks like claim into double planetary with a y-wing special, after resolving a ranged dice or two.

Fresck 154

Hi there! Man, I checked on the site, and no one tries to run again that wonderful Poe...

@badeeshAgreed on Ghost, but millenium is still 4 strait damage that can be shot by Poe, you cannot say it sucks :p

Also agree on the planetary, way too good to not have it in the list.

If you want to play the vehicles too, maybe rocket launch isn't that good of an idea, that upgrade eats a lot of ressources...

Legal Counsel 11

Thanks @badeesh! I am testing tonight for the first time. I thought about cutting the Falcon because I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get it onto the field very often. I also wasn't sure about the Planetary Uprising because if the deck does what it's supposed to, it will have hopefully C3P0 and one or two other supports in play. I was concerned that this would slow the deck down enough that Planetary Uprising becomes let reliable. I also looked at the fact that I wanted to use all resources for either getting supports in play or removal. I'm also not sold on the Fast Hands. I'll test a bit tonight and let you know how it goes.

Ramin2-D2 217

Fast Hands on Ezra is definately worth it, for his disrupt or special. no Second Chances ?