Alpha Strike Vader

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Howly 106

Vader/Guard deck designed to have one massive damage turn that your opponent hopefully can't recover from. Darth Vader - Sith Lord and Close Quarters Assault should be able to clear the way for one turn of destruction.

I chose the upgrades that deal with shields the best, since they're everywhere at the moment. You really want to get three on Vader before trying to go off, but you can get by with two. While the deck isn't heavy on event-based removal, you have Royal Guard, Force Illusion, and Makashi Training to get you to the critical turn.

The most important piece of the deck is The Price of Failure. Not many decks can take five dice rolling in twice in the same turn. Especially if you're able to eliminate their hand. Lightsaber Pull gets you the right upgrade for the job and helps you get to the magic number on Vader. Trust Your Instincts helps get further into the deck, replaces itself, and helps you deal more damage on your big turn. Boundless Ambition helps get you to your critical pieces before the clock runs out, and can be especially devastating on a turn where you've already used a lot of removal.

I went with Maz's Castle - Takodana in order to find my important cards more quickly, as well as prevent my opponent from being able to affect the board state by claiming since they typically have the opportunity to do so while I'm trying to go off.

That covers the basics. The deck is pretty fun if you enjoy playing defensively early on in order to set up a big payoff later in the game. I'm always looking for questions/suggestions/feedback so let me know if you've played something similar or your experiences with this build. Hope you enjoy the deck!

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