Baze Kanata (Tournament Winner)

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eBaze / eMaz - Brazilian metagame 4 3 2 1.0
Baze Kanata 0 0 0 1.0

JimboAction 33

"There are no Jedi here anymore. Only dreamers like this fool."

I won a small local tournament with this deck. Went 4-1 beating a 4 character villain vehicles deck, a Vader/Magnaguard and two Sabine/Ezra decks. My loss was against IG-88/Bazine - IG with fast hands, and no early weapons on my side caused the loss.

The deck is my way to make up for the sad nerf of my favorite deck: Poe/Maz. I'm running Baze instead of Poe, got rid of the vehicles and added all the strongest weapons instead. I think it's a fun deck to play - especially if you liked Poe/Maz like I did.

Against four character decks you want to use the Baze special as much as possible, and make sure the Salvo fires. Also, the Rocket Launcher is strong on Maz. Against other decks you take down their strongest character first, using the damage sides of Baze and the weapons. Hit and Run and Maz's ability often lets you dish out a lot of damage before the opponent can react.

I would make some changes to the deck, mainly removing the Y-Wing. The only damage it did throughout the tournament, was when an opponent used Double-Cross and resolved the die against me! Another Sabotage would be nice, but Negotiate and Truce are other options I'm considering. Perhaps Honor Guard could also be removed. It's still a new and unrefined deck, so I'm sure there are other improvements to be made.


MekANerD 1

Cool deck - I like it! Seems tight and effecient. The cost curve is a bit high with only logistics in the deck IMO, but I guess you can focus to Baze's 2 side instead if short on ressources. With Baze's 3/1 and cards like salvo and DL-44 a truce would definetely fit in snuggly, but I can see it is hard to take things out... What du you mulligan for in your opening hand? I'm thinking ambush weapon, Logistics, HitnRun and removal?

Congratz with the win :)

JimboAction 33

@MekANerD Those are exactly my mulligan choices. X-8 is the best of the weapons to start with, and also Friends in Low Places is such a nice card to open with.

Fresck 154

Love the baze solution! :) I would suggest planetary uprising since it seems the deck has the feeling of same playstyle than PoeMaz? Agreed on truce, it could make a big difference... And last, is it enough only 7 upgrades? Can a A280 or dh17 can have a place un the build? Rebel assault seems to me useless, because you'll always want to resolve as quickly as possible all your damage dice, right?

JimboAction 33

@FresckPlanetary Uprising is a great idea - I was in almost constant control of the battlefield. I feel like 7 upgrades is enough - often the Holdout Blasters aren't even played when you have the X-8, because you have to also save a few credits for the removal cards. I kind of like Rebel Assault for removing specials, and also dangerous dice like Vader's when they don't hit the damage on the first roll. But yeah, I guess it could be changed to something else, as it is a somewhat situational card.

Ramin2-D2 217

why the Y-Wing? and do you feel Overkill might be worth it, with Maz able to focus its sides. no Second Chance?

JimboAction 33

@Ramin-2D2 The Y-Wing is usually a strong vehicle, but I found out during the tournament that it doesn't work well in this deck. I would change it to something else. Overkill is not a bad card for sure - could be a good budget alternative when you don't own the X-8.

Ion87 25

This deck seems fun! What else would you cut besides the Y-Wing for 2 Planetary Uprising ? Tough call as it all seems pretty useful!

JimboAction 33

@Ion87 I would say Honor Guard. Salvo is a meta call that could be cut as well, if you don't expect 4 character decks. Also, I'm considering Drop Zone instead of Planetary Uprising because it's cheaper.

Ion87 25

@JimboAction I tried this out with 1 x Planetary Uprising instead of 1x Y-Wing. While uprising works, it’s nice to have a ship when one of your characters goes down. I would agree that drop zone would be better for a non-die support but Y-Wing seems to be a nice call.