Rey's bodyguards w/guide

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Solsticejf 98

The idea on this deck is to control where damage goes with the 2 wookies by putting Life Debt and Second Chance early on them. Use the first few turns to build Rey and move dmg around, at turn 3 you should have one of the wookies (close to or) dead but Rey would be stacked and the remaining wookie still have decent base dice.

What I found out about this deck is quite simple - play it the way it rolls out. All 4 base dices have discards on them, so when you don't want to discard your cards in hand for reroll don't be afraid to discard your opponent's card... Still a good way to control them and allow you to build in the meantime. Take advantage of Rey's ability , this deck could be modified by using more ambush weapons but for now it seems to be doing good that way. Might consider dropping the Running Interference to add a Holdout Blaster for the ambush action.

Let me know of your thoughts

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