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I had been a big proponent and player of eLeia / eAckbar before the 'It's a Trap' nerf. So now I'm trying something a little different. This is one of three options I've been kicking around for an upcoming tournament. (The other two should also be published.)

This one is eBaze / eMaz. It's sort of aggro, sort of midrange - closer I think to midrange. Red/yellow does a better job of controlling opponent's dice than did mono-red, mostly thanks to 'Electroshock'. And while there's no alpha strike from 'It's a Trap' anymore, Maz allows you to quickly and safely resolve Baze's dice. So in that way it's similar to 'It's a Trap' and 'All In' from mono-red, just not quite as explosive.

Anyway, thoughts?

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