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darkhorse15 31

Hello everyone

This is my first semi-competitive deck, and as I do with all games I play, I went no where near the meta. I love General Hux - Aspiring Commander and Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot. Ciena's ability has netted me 5-10 dmg rounds just off of vehicle resets.

Quick overview: Hux is your money maker. You get Imperial Backing and/or Mobilize in your opening hand: that Hux special looks tasty. Not to mention Guavian Enforcer has the +1 resource sides to work with Ciena's resource gaining. Play vehicles: you can consistently get 2 vehicles out a round if you don't re-roll the ones you already have out. Roll DAMAGE (looking at you AT shield sides -.-). Win

I feel the deck is pretty straight forward, Get money, play vehicles, re-roll them in if you can, survive with high hp pool long enough to overrun your opponent. In general this deck wins turn 4, but can consistently win turn 2 and 3 with the right starting hands and little opponent mitigation. The later the game gets the higher chance you have of winning. 5 vehicles barreling down on one character is a bit much.

If you have any recommendations on changes please feel free to comment. I've debated for instance playing 2 AT-ST. The deck is able to get 1 out opening hand quite consistently, but I tend to like moving for the lower cost vehicles to back it up if I get it out. That way late game I have more re-rolls.

Let me know what you think ~Peace~


Ramin2-D2 217

is Heat of Battle worth it, now after the errata? and maybe consider putting in LR1K Sonic Cannon?

darkhorse15 31

@Ramin-2D2 surprisingly yes. Obviously Heat Of Battle was way better pre errata, but I find it to be a good tech card, because I have a use for it in every part of the game. Early: If I don't have resource cards but rolled a hux special it's free dmg. Mid: If I really need to push to kill off a character that's hurt and can't risk a re-roll/re-ready not landing dmg. Late: Best time to see it since hux and ciena are probably dead. So you aren't paying two to re-ready so might as well pay 2 to get free dmg sides.

As far as LR1K Sonic Cannon, I have played one in the deck before but I found the resources just weren't where I needed them to be for it most of the time. Also it doesn't work with ciena's ability nor the battlefield. That's why I only play 1 Droid Commandos. Good question and suggestion though.