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the BEAST 946

EDIT: -1 swiftness +1 the best defense...

Swiftness was just too hard to use. The only real use was with we have them now if Phasma was their target. But actually, Jango is almost always the primary target so I have another The best defense... to force them to split damage (we want to remove more than we take).


This is my updated version of the SoR Jango/Veers deck. I decided to build it with the 2p Phasma as well as some EaW cards.


Phasma has more health and will last a little bit longer. Also, she has no modified sides. On the other hand, the deck is a little bit slower because of Phasma's special.


In your opening hand, you generally want one or two good upgrades, preferably one that costs 1, as well as some 0 events.

-Wait until your opponent activates a character so you can benefit from Jango's ability

-If your opponent doesn't activate a character: activate Phasma, play a 0 cost event, play Salvage Stand

-You generally want to use your first action each round to stack an upgrade on Jango


Of course, the deck has many upgrades. I selected guns to pump damage, I'll explain them all:

F-11D Rifle - one of the best weapon in the game. Why? Because of it's 4 damage sides and redeploy.

Holdout Blaster - every range deck must contain this upgrade. Redeploy and Ambush...who doesn't like it?

LL-30 Blaster Pistol - the best weapon int he deck. Redeploy, ambush, and no pay sides.

DH-17 Blaster Pistol - It's still your best 1 cost upgrade with 3 damage sides.

X-8 Night Sniper - with a pretty good economy, you will be able to afford this 3/ and it can also focus itself. Tactical Mastery with it's ability can do 3 damage if you have 3 resources to finish off a game. Ambush is also a +.


Salvage Stand works beautifully in this deck as Jango has 2 resources sides and Phasma has one. It's very useful to remove resources when you roll out Jango as it may prevent them from playing a removal.

Drop Zone is amazing! This deck is super fast so you will be claiming often. The ability to do 3-4 damage for 1 is a game changer.

Now, most of the events are self-explanatory but I'll go through some of them:

Obviously, there is a couple of removals such as He Doesn't Like You, The Best Defense..., and Doubt.

With the errata to Vibroknife, Dug in now becomes a good pick. You will most likely control the battlefield, so it'll give more survivability.

Bait and Switch - this card is useful as you can get 2 off a resource and resolve it immediately. Who doesn't like 2 free damage?

Friends in Low Places is used to find events such as removals, It's a Trap!, Hit and Run, and other things like that. It's more useful than Probe as you can see the entire hand.

We Have Them Now is a super powerful card as some of their only counters are Dodge and Scramble which aren't in the meta right now. If you don't want your opponent to remove any dice with cards such as Force Misdirection, combine it with Tactical Mastery.

Battlefield - Carbon-freezing Chamber - Bespin comes in handy against decks that rely on a couple of dice for example: Poe, Luke, Palpatine, Sabine. This deck is pretty fast and will still manage to claim against other fast decks.


I have done some testing with this deck and it was really successful. Deck is currently 11-1, beating Sabine/Ezra 2-0.

The deck is also good because you only need one legendary (X-8 Night Sniper), and the most expensive card costs 2. X-8 Night Sniper can be replaced with Imperial Discipline, On The Hunt, and possibly Captain Phasma's Blaster (if you want a heavier upgrade)

Please leave a like if you enjoy and feel free to leave feedback in the comments.


allenirish66 3

Looks interesting Going to try it tomorrow night at my LGS Destiny night Had to replace the X-8 with Phasmas blaster since i dont own any

the BEAST 946

@allenirish66I'm glad you like this deck. Since Phasma's blaster is unique, I suggest using one and one imperial discipline.

allenirish66 3

@the BEAST I acc added a vibroaxe. My friends laughed at it till it pulled all his shields off palp and later Qui

the BEAST 946

@allenirish66Vibroaxe might be good, but I find having melee and range slows the deck down. Maybe on the hunt could be a good pick if you want to remove shields. let me know how your future games goes.

deraj 1

Cool deck! Do you think its worth it to replace the 2 salvage stand with 2 on the hunt instead? Also, have you tried this deck against quigon/kanan and R2/P2?

the BEAST 946

@derajThe deck won against Qui/Kanan, but I haven't tested it yet against R2P2. If you want on the hunt, I suggest replacing some of the guns.

allenirish66 3

Swapped out the axe to on the hunt. Worked really well. Thanks

the BEAST 946

@allenirish66 np!

Ion87 25

@the BEAST swapped out one The Best Defense... for a "Fair" Trade. Also considering changing out the 2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol for 2x Cable Launcher or 1x Cable Launcher+ 1x On The Hunt. Just didn’t like the DH-17’s contributions when they were out but also I recognize that it can be handy to get cheap weapons out.

the BEAST 946

@Ion87Fair trade seems interesting. I haven't tested it yet so tell me how it goes. As for cable launcher, I really don't recommend them. Slows the deck down because there is like 3 sides we like and yellow character only is bad in this deck. Dh-17 is amazing if you can get turn 1-2 to get better economy, but I will play other guns after. If you don't want them, I suggest on the hunt or imperial discipline.