Aggro Palpatine

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SirChristopher 165

Decklist used for video


Caleb 1

Have you ever considered putting in Force Throw instead of Force push? It might not be the best idea but just wondering?

vitalis09 63

Why you don't include As You Command into those palp decks? With swiftness and one additional die it can pull 9 dmg in 1 action for 1 resource....

King 1

Sith Holocron doesn't seem very effective when you only have 2 Force Lightning and 1 Force Push?

Poro on Mars 19

@KingI think the idea is that if you get the holocron, you still get the +1 resource side and the focus. Opponent might think it's worth spending removal on too, thinking the deck is loaded. Overall it's still free, has 2 good sides, 2 amazing sides in perfect circumstances, and is removal / rend bait.