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lanoix 94

For an article on my french blog

This is a conceptual deck allowing under good circumstances a victory at round 1. I estimate it can do it once on 3 games, if well played. It’s not enough to be a competitive deck actually. But well... It's always surprising for your friend to watch you play mostly all your deck while he played only 3 or 4 cards. To be able to put a big amount of damages, I’ll use Ciena Ree and an AT-ST. Now the goal will be to produce enough ressources to be able to make that combo work… For this, we’ll need 2 Aftermath, 1 or 2 Chance Cube (on Ciena), and 1 or 2 price of failure. You’ll be able to sacrifice a character, to gain 2 ressources and then to activate Ciena again.

Now, to get all these cards, you’ll need to draw a lot. This is where the deck is currently unstable, and a little bit technical to play, there is not enough cards allowing to do so. Main are Boundless Ambition, Award Ceremony and Bounty Postings. But in each case you’ll have to chose the right moment to use it. I’ll complete the deck with 1-for-1 cards, such as Promotion and Trust Your Instincts. And Scrap Buy, that I’ll try to play at the best possible moment, to try to get one of the 3 best drawer cards back in my hand. The goal of all those cards is to get all your cards in hand in one turn. But it’s not always possible.

To complete the deck, I’ll use some bonus cards that could greatly help the deck mechanism : Salvo (of course! for 2, better than reactivating), Pulling the string (to get what you really need), Friends in High Places (hard to tell the right moment to play it), Mobilize (helpful withe the preceeding choice), or even Truce. Finally, for the characters, I choose to play Bazine, Stormtrooper, Nightsister and Ciena. It means I take the risk to loose my blue character at round 1 ; but if I don't, I got a third possible sacrifice (that will help me rerolling dice too).

A more stable version could be to use a Slave 1, which is les powerful but has 3 to 4 damage sides and 1 ressources one. The two special faces of the AT-ST could be annoying. Remember Destiny is a dice game too... If the draws and ressources thing works perfectly, but you roll 7 times in a row the special on the AT-ST, the game is still over (story time). Then, you could also use a Royal Guard and a Gamorrean Guard with an elite Ciena to make it more defensive. Please have fun with the idea!

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