Danik's Kylo Servant 2x

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Danik13 312

Before we start, this is the version with the new kylo, but I think it works better with the old Kylo. Anyways. Try both version and you'll be the judge.

Put upgrades on Kylo exept for the holocron and the force speed that you should put on the servants.

The basic idea is simple. Since Kylo as 2 dice with the old Kylo, not the new one, people seems to go for him first. Perfect! That's what we want. Two of his upgrades will go to the servants (one each) when he dies. By that time, you're servants should be equiped with holocrons or force speed. Had to that a mind probe or a force throw, you'll be set up for the win.

Key cards:

The Power of the force

Crossguard ligthsabers on Kylo for that extra damage when you put it on him

Good old Holocron/Mind Probe combo.



PorgChop 293

You should just use elite Seventh Sister.

Dave Sharona 606

Nooooooooo you're mixing melee upgrades with Holocron and no It Binds All Things!

There's no way to afford upgrades and mitigation, which means you will never get to play one of them, or you'll be resolving all of your high value dice for money which is just as bad or worse. Stick to Holocron or stick to melee (plus Force Throw) and it will be MUCH more effective.

Dave Sharona 606

@PorgChop I have been running a version of this deck with Kylo and with Seventh Sister - Agile Inquisitor and they're just super different. Kylo is much more of a tank while Seventh Sister - Agile Inquisitor obviously gets more dice on the table, but she dies very quickly by comparison.

If you're going to run with Seventh Sister - Agile Inquisitor, then I suggest the full melee package with one Servant of the Dark Side and Royal Guard so that she will survive long enough to do the work.

Dave Sharona 606

Aaaaaand you can't run Royal Guard because I'm an idiot

Danik13 312

It runs pretty smoothly as it is. I know there's 3 cost upgrades but you just play them when there's already 2 cost upgrades on your characters. You should try to equip Kylo with the Crossguard Lightsabers or the vibro first. Then, when he dies and transfer his upgrades to the servants, then you try to overlap with the 3 cost upgrades. If you get them to early in game, well, to bad, you just use them for reroll. But I'm telling you, you guys should try it out. It runs smoothly. Sorry for the '' errors, typos'' when I write in english. I'm french. :)