Grand Guards

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Sith Holocron 187

Hi guys! Simwi from Sith Holocron here with a deck derived from my total love affair with Disneys Star Wars Rebels. After playtesting my Lothals rebel deck with Kanan, Hera & Ezra, I have decided to move to my favourite bad guy from the series in Grand Inquisitor - Sith Loyalist His exploits versus the Ghost crew kept me intertained all season long so (spoilers!) in an attempt to keep him alive longer than in the show, I have paired him elite with a Gamorrean Guard So lets talk about the deck and how it plays... In an ideal world we want a chance cube or a decent upgrade like Vibroknife or Deadly in our opening hand. This is going to maximise our damage output straight away. A god like hand would be those three with a Meditate and a Truce if after mulligan we come up with BD-1 Cutter Vibro-AX or Vibroknucklers Get the cards out early onto our characters - this deck has a lot of damage potential, and with the Gamorrean Guardhaving guardian inbuilt into his 11 health, always roll out the Inquisitor first. As we have cards like Manipulate be mindful of changing one of his character dice to the blank as we can meditate our dice to the balnk side to trigger the Grand Inquisitor - Sith Loyalist amazing special. In Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II we also get the chance to claim early if his die is still out to deal more damage. The Chance Cubewill help us create dollars, BD-1 Cutter Vibro-AXstrips shields before doing damage, which in this shield crazy meta is huge so be careful on whom we place our upgrades. Vibroknifefor yet more unblockable damage and we even have Power of the Dark Side to do more, yet again unblockable hits (use a chance cube if possible, it has a 50% chance of successfully rolling a blank) The other mitigation here in AngerFeel Your AngerHe Doesn't Like Youis self explanatory. Free cash fromthe Cubes to play Backup Muscle & you can start to see this jank can actually perform well. Lightsaber although not considered exactly meta right now does indeed have a 2 unblockable should you claim the battlefield. Thinking as we all should about max damage output to kill and go first is a great way to play Destiny. Let me know what you think of the deck after you have tested it, be interested in your ideas as always!

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