What We Do in the Shadows

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It's a Shame You Didn't Do the Same to Those Bloody Hoodies 3 2 8 1.0
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Dave Sharona 606

This deck is based on my Kylo2/Servants deck "It's a Shame You Didn't Do the Same to Those Bloody Hoodies."

The difference being instead of a 3 die start, it's a 5 die start. Other than that, the deck runs the same, with the exception being that Seventh Sister - Agile Inquisitor is a bit more fragile, so you need to get value out of her asap.

What's really neat about running two Servant of the Dark Side is that not only are their dice really great, boasting potentially bursty melee damage and a very very valuable and often overlooked (in villain at least) focus side...but they effectively give every upgrade you play Redeploy potential.

This deck is EXTREMELY dependent upon Holocron being viable, so if you see Rend a lot (which I don't around here, or competitively), it might be tough.

Here's what I look for to begin.

I want Sith Holocron, Mind Probe, Dark Counsel, Temptation/Chance Cube or a second force power (Force Throw ideally) and some mitigation. Doubt or Overconfidence turn one is nice.

Play a Holocron on Sister, activate Sister. Mitigate if necessary. If you hit the special, do it, pay to roll it out.

If you hit the Holo special, put that Holo on a servant and then roll him out. If you didn't, put Dark Counsel or Chance Cube on a servant and then roll him out. Hopefully he will get you a focus from one of those dice (Since they both have it) for the Holo special...or Chance Cube dollars.

Don't be afraid to Holocron Special Temptation just to save the resource. I have done it, it's worth the economy and the ability to potentially throw the Holocron on 3 different characters turn 1. Just don't pay to roll it out.

The obvious target for first damage is the Sister, but two of her upgrades gain free redeploy if she goes down first, so we want her to have two big ones before she dies. Ideally both Mind Probes or a Mind Probe and a Force Lightning, but Force Throw can be just as devastating if you see big dice across the table.

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