Devils 3-Way - 3rd Place Singapore Unofficial Nationals

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This is the deck I brought to Singapore Un-offocial Nationals.

I prefer Guavian over Nightsister because I feel like the 7HP is too low. She can be killed in one roll mid-late game.

The build and playstyle is pretty similar to Rainbow 5.

Swiss 1: eKanan/Rey/Padawan - WNin Swiss 2: eBigVader/Tusken Raider - Win Swiss 3: eKylo/eThrawn - Lose Swiss 4: Erza/eHerra/eMaz - Win Swiss 5: eRey2/ePoe2 - Lose

Top 8: eKylo 2/Grevious - Win 2-1 Top 4: eBala/eCienne/Nightsister - Lose 1-2

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