Two Girls One Hutt

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valsharess1 19

I've been playing a version of this deck for the last few weeks, and finally have it where I like it. I dropped Lying in Wait almost immediately, as I have no desire to discard useful cards to reroll zero cards in order to get my hand down. Jabba has 2 discard side, and the nightsisters have 1, so I'd rather use those to hand mill. I put black mail and interrogation droid in, in place of those and the black mail is 100% amazing in this deck.

My local meta is very competitive and aggressive, and I went 2-2 at the last tournament with the losses being down to one card held by my opponent. I lost to R2P2 and eKrennic/eCienna that was massive amounts of damage and I didn't get any shielding until too late.

The hard mulligan is getting a fast hands, hounds tooth, some sort of shielding for Jabba, and mitigation of some type. You can use Jabba to hand mill the first round, but the key is being SUPER aggressive with any mill cards you have. Loose ends with a nightsister and use the ambush to claim and mill for six is nothing to sneeze at. Buy out I will typically wait for five or more resources before I fire it, but you can't wait for 20 like you could with Thrawnkar. I may swap out interrogation droid for a salvage stand, but I'm going back and forth. It can hold out for a while against support heavy decks, but you have to get your necessary set up cards early and mill as fast as you can. Blackmail with fast hands really helps with resource destruction/hand mill.

Anyway, it's ridiculously fun to play, and the guys at the hyperloops did a great job with the initial deck build.

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