Seek and Destroy - 17/12/17 Regional Top 8

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ForceSquad 272

Good morning everyone! Matteo from Force Squad writing right now :) I'm here to present a very interesting list Fabio and I leaded to our hometown Regional in Bologna. With this deck I made top 8 with a 6-1 swiss record. Unfortunately Fabio didn't reach the top with a 4-3 record in swiss; he was unlucky in the early matches and this had an huge impact on his matchups. However, I'm here to talk about the deck and how it worked for me. It is simply amazing! A lot of possibilities are given by every card in the deck, creating every time a new combination to blow your opponents.

We decided to try this particular deck for fun, since the Grand Inquisitor is a card we didn't had for a long time and once we put our hands on it we had the moral duty of trying it. Of course, we wanted also to be unexpected. This was basically a Fabio's idea, and what an idea! First lists were not so effective, but testing it a lot we made a very solid base in our opinion, thanks also to our playtesting mate Gianluigi, alias Bad Destiny.

The deck focuses on upgrades, Holocron in particular, and a relevant factor in our decision of bringing it to the tournament is the probable absence of Rend. Here's the explanation of the main cards and choices.

  • Grand Inquisitor - Sith Loyalist: since Empire at War was released we thought the Inquisitor was a good card to play, with very strong faces, but his cost and in particular his absence in our hands made us ignore him. Now we have it, the meta allows a deck like this and it is completely unexpected, so we decided to give him a chance.

  • Seventh Sister - Agile Inquisitor: looking for a partner for our boss we tried Ciena, but her different color and different damage faces aren't good for a stable strategy. So, to share faces and roll 2 dice at activation, the only choice is the other inquisitor.

  • Dark Counsel: great card with very good faces for this deck, the chains with many other cards, the are food for your best card, the allows you make good things without using your strong dice, the faces prepare your Anger. What else?

  • Force Speed: one of the most important cards of the deck, because lets you resolve dice AND play cards from your hand. Beautiful if used in combo with your best card.

  • Sith Holocron: as said before, this is an upgrades deck, and villains have many Abilities that relies on . We decided for the maximum sinergy between these upgrades, trying not to make the deck excessively heavy: so we have Lightning and Push, with a lot of good faces and . Throw is here because we wanted more control, more and more holocron targets.

  • ID9 Seeker Droid: not so much to say. We have the Sister, and probably the first character to be targeted is the boss.

  • Manipulate and his friends: these cards make a huge part of your control section, and using some of them in combination is really an unbelievable feeling.

  • Doubt and Overconfidence: other controls. These are very important because are the only sure control cards allowed without dice in pool. Overconfidence is also very strong when you have 2 or more droid dice in pool, since all his faces (except ) are high.

  • Ewok Village - Endor and Intimidate: pretty much meta cards. It was awesome countering Caution, and sometimes help in killing a resistant character.

  • All In: guys, this cards is soooooo great for this deck. A huge amount of dice in play and let you do outstanding things.

  • The Power of the Force: another really good card. I never used it with less than 4 upgrades, and when 1 become 5/6 almost every opponent says bad things. It is great also with or faces.

And now, the report! Most of the matches are vs Poe/Rey since it was the most present deck (14 out of 41 participants). Not a bad thing, since we tested for this particular matchup.


Round 1: Win vs Poe/Rey; a pretty one-sided game, I had a very good start and good rolls vs a friend who didn't know the peculiarities of the deck. 1-0

Round 2: Win vs Kanan/Rey/Padawan; another tournament in which I face my teammate Nathan early, so annoying. His deck is far more consistent in my opinion (I played it until the previous tournament, and it is really good) and he played very well. I had to lose that game. He countered every play I tried to build, and the only thing that saved me was the overtime: we had same damage on board and same number of cards in the deck, but I claimed the battlefield so I won. Very undeserved. 2-0

Round 3: Win vs Poe/Rey; a game very similar to the first, so not so much to say. 3-0

Round 4: Win vs Poe/Rey; another game vs a friend, but he knew the deck and played well against me. We finished in overtime and my damage amount was higher than his. 4-0

Round 5: Win vs Poe/Sabine; this game was so difficult for me. The opponent's deck had a very interesting concept, based on speed plays and claim effects. However I was fast enough in killing his guys and win. 5-0

Round 6: Loss vs Poe/Rey; a very one-sided game, his characters made 6/7 damage per turn, and my characters died too much fast. 5-1

Round 7: Win vs Poe/Rey; on the last swiss round my opponent was Gianluigi Basta (Bad Destiny), a very close friend with which we tested a lot in the last weeks. That game was very defensive and full of counter plays, and finished at the overtime, when 2 extra shields were game deciding for the win. However congratulations to my opponent who at the end won the whole event! We're so happy for him :) 6-1


Top 8: Loss vs Poe/Rey; again vs the very first opponent of the day. The good game I had on round 1 disappeared suddenly, and that top was very sad for me. 2 games of bad cards and rolls gave a quick win to my opponent.

So here is the end of the report. Thank you for reading all this! I and all the Force Squad hope you like that profile. Please give us any opinion on the deck!

Thanks also to the whole Force Squad and particularly to Gianluigi, and congratulations again for the result! Goodbye guys, and to the next time!


bonny89 1

Complimenti per il mazzo e per il risultato, io avevo provato Inquisitor con 7th sister agli inizi di empire at war ma usando i classici upgrade con danni da mischia, ma non mi soddisfava ne divertiva e ho finito per smontarlo quasi subito. Ora sto provando la vostra lista da qualche giorno e devo dire che sembra molto solida e soptrattutto divertente! Le uniche modifiche che ho fatto sono: 1 mind probe (perchè solo 1 force lightning) e ho sostituito 1 intimidire per un secondo potere della forza (nel mio gruppo di gioco praticamente nessuno usa p2r2 al momento).... sto pensando di rimuovere anche il secondo intimidire o qualcos'altro per mettere 1 rise again (spesso mi trovo con molte risorse).

ForceSquad 272

@bonny89 Ciao! Grazie mille per i complimenti, fa sempre molto piacere! Le modifiche sono interessanti, anche se i fulmini sono meglio di probe per questioni di sinergia (non avendo un fulmine comunque appoggio la probe). Un secondo power per un intimidire lo proverei anche io, visto che si ha bisogno di intimidate solo in base al meta presente e power è una carta molto duttile in ogni caso. Rise again invece è una gran bella carta ma a mio parere le risorse non sono mai molte (è molto facile spendere quelle di turno per holocron, 3 dell'inquisitore, un controllo a costo 1, una miglioria non capacità, ecc) e tenerle per curare non lo trovo costruttivo. Vero è che un power ben tirato ti può far usare rise again... Ci si può pensare ma non mi sembra il mazzo giusto. Comunque grazie per le idee, sono molto ben accette :)


SillyJedi 452

Awesome Deck! 7s is like my favorite character in the game :)

ForceSquad 272

@SillyJedi Yeah, it is really awesome! Without the Sister there wouldn't be this deck ;)

Piffo 43

Bella lì! sia io che mia moglie abbiamo giocato contro il tuo compagno di squadra con lo stesso mazzo (se non ricordo male), gran belle partite. in precedenza lo avevamo provato con i dadi dei personaggi al contrario, cioè con Sorella Elite - meno consistente, ma picchia sodo pure quello.

ForceSquad 272

@Piffo ciao! Mi ricordo di aver giocato contro di voi, portavate qui-gon/kanan e il rainbow a 5 dadi se non sbaglio! Purtroppo, specialmente contro il primo, il mazzo non ha girato per nulla, diversamente da quanto accaduto a Matteo, che aveva la stessa identica lista! In ogni caso sono contento di aver portato questo mazzo ad un regionale, perché ci abbiamo lavorato sopra tanto, e alla fine trovare qualcosa di competitivo diverso dai soliti poe/rey ecc... è stata una gran soddisfazione. A mio parere probabilmebte il mazzo più divertente da giocare tra tutti quelli che ho montato, forse più divertente anche di trooper/trooper/guavian/ciena :)