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Gnomin 71

Chewbacca - Loyal Friend and Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jediwalk into a room and everyone beats their friend with the nearest chair... Yeah, enjoy


1wtforce 95

Nice! I've been playing a similar deck for the past month and loving it. Try Rey's Staff, Chopper, and Running Interference to combo with Chewie's special. I'm sooooo excited for Legacies to add Yoda - Wizened Master, Roguish Charm, Lure, and Impulsive.

TheJunkie42 43

Needs force throw... special chaining to turn a die with chewy to damage them and then throw it at them... 8 damage 1 die, 1 action, 1 dream!

Gnomin 71

@TheJunkie42I do... and just imsginr, flip LR1K Sonic Cannon 5-6-6, 17 damage baby

Gnomin 71

@1wtforce really excited for lure, can force those shitty activations after i dream roll Chewy and Kanan

Carraminana 89

this deck is better with Yoda

1wtforce 95

@Carraminana Yeah, Yoda really pushes this deck over the top. I'm can't wait for Legacies to drop.

Ramin2-D2 335

no Force Speed?

Ramin2-D2 335

and maybe Consider Force Push?

Gnomin 71

@Carraminana @1wtforce yeah yoda will be fantastic for this, will also have to alter the name with Yoda - Wizened Master

Gnomin 71

@Ramin-2D2 if i had them would work them in, and i would be hestitant about Force Push, might try and work them in, but for me i feel like shield removal is more nessecary in my local meta and shotos gurantee it and handcrafted is really solid

Agent213 1

@Gnomini have been playing a very deck similar I have been using maz's goggles and its been doing work!!!!

Gnomin 71

@Agent213 i had them in an ealier build prior to the shotos and handcrafted, had to make hard decisions, might remove the blasters but i had a game the other week where a holdout blaster and sou d the alarm prevented 4 turns of Kylo Ren - Tormented One

Tom B 20

so, against a mill deck, how does this play out?

Gnomin 71

@Tom B No matter what its awkward but the decl still has a lot of punch as it is only reversal, sound the alarm and Chewy specials that are negated by mill builds. against Thrawnkar, it does ok with the amount of ahield negation and is basically rerolling chewy specials and throwing personal shield dice at them with force throw/ Handcrafted lightbow stupidity and against other mill builds it is more or less the same, just hard mulligan for a weapon for each character, especially ,again, handcrafted. However don't expect the deck to do amazing in all match ups, I made this as a counter to rey/poe, kylo/grievous quigon/ kana. and poe/kanan heavy local scene. Mill has representation, just not high enough for me to play cycling cards like Lukes Protection or chance cube bounces.

Blakeclevenger 1

I played against a version of this deck this weekend with a Rieekan Rainbow Mill. Game took a long time, but I milled with plenty of health to spare.The Rieekan decks give nothing to special or force throw against. I just choose not to use the chance cube once they had Force throw out.

1wtforce 95

When I play these two against mill I just go for the damage sides rather than the specials. Just don't play Force Throw, as it would be a waste of the three resources. There's plenty of damage sides on the other dice. Kanan's focus sides help, as you won't be able to discard to reroll.

inkandy 1

@1wtforce what makes Yoda - Wizened Master so good for this deck?

Carraminana 89

@inkandy because with Yoda - Wizened Master you'll get the specials, each turn. chewie will use his ability, each turn force throw will use the special. hand crafted light bow will remove the shields.... Also yo'ull get the extra resources and/or shields.

this is the deck i've been playing Yoda Chewie

Hero Force / Rogue

Sets: From Awakenings to Legacies

BATTLEFIELD ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Medical Center, Kaliida Shoals (Empire at War #158)

CHARACTER ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

2x Chewbacca, Loyal Friend (Spirit of Rebellion #43) 2x Yoda, Wizened Master (Legacies #33)

UPGRADE ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

2x Force Throw (Awakenings #57) 2x Second Chance (Awakenings #137) 2x Handcrafted Light Bow (Spirit of Rebellion #39) 2x Force Heal (Spirit of Rebellion #40) 2x Force Illusion (Spirit of Rebellion #135) 2x Heirloom Lightsaber (Legacies #58)

SUPPORT ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

2x It Binds All Things (Awakenings #150)

EVENT ¯¯¯¯¯

2x Let The Wookiee Win (Awakenings #130) 2x Caution (Spirit of Rebellion #100) 2x Loth-Cat and Mouse (Spirit of Rebellion #114) 2x Overconfidence (Spirit of Rebellion #130) 2x Reaping The Crystal (Empire at War #101) 2x Tenacity (Empire at War #114) 2x Unbreakable (Legacies #105) 2x Easy Pickings (Legacies #117)