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yarsiemanym 81

"We were just peacefully protesting the removal of the Count Dooku statue in Jrade Plaza when they came out of nowhere and started destroying everything! It's like the thugs were waiting for us."

~ Imperial Loyalist

  1. copiously.
  2. Snap and make it harder for your opponent to claim the battlefield.
  3. Claim often.
    1. Use Ascension Gun's if Main Plaza isn't the chosen battlefield.
    2. Use The Day is Ours to reclaim the battlefield unexpectedly.
    3. Use Outpost to trigger Main Plaza more than once per round.
    4. Do damage with Planetary Uprising.
    5. Build up damage on Drop Zone.
    6. Build up damage on Main Plaza.
    7. Assign damage from Main Plaza.
    8. Gain extra via Outmaneuver.
  4. C-3PO makes everything easier.

darkhorse15 31

Why outer rim smuggler?

Ascar 45

A rule question. Are you sure that you can assign damage to main plaza with the ascension gunsif it's not the battlefield to assign it later to a character? I think it's not possible. But it could be an interesting strategy if so.

yarsiemanym 81

@darkhorse15 I have 8 points to fill and it was between 1 Maz die, Hired Gun or Outer Rim Smuggler. I'm not really sure which is the best choice.

@Ascar I posted this question in the SWD group on Facebook and it's not really clear how the interaction works. I'm working off the assumption that it stores damage counters until there's a ruling to the contrary.

bighack 1

@Ascar @yarsiemanym The last FAQ entry in the RR states Ascension gun may use a set aside Main Plaza.

yarsiemanym 81

@bighack It does. The debate sees to be whether Main Plaza persists the damage counters while in the set aside zone or if they just fall off. The argument is that Ascension Gun pulls Main Plaza into play temporarily then immediately puts it back into the set aside zone after the ability resolves, and when Main Plaza changes zones, the damage disappears.

darkhorse15 31

@yarsiemanym well with maz you have 1 more health and her action cheating can allow you to claim more often. Hired gun gives more consistent damage and resources, and has 2 more health. Outer Rim Smuggler is honestly just outclassed by the other two imo. Also, consider playing Hit and Run for Temmin "Snap" Wexley - Recon Specialist to get that disrupt off before they can spend their resources.

yarsiemanym 81

@darkhorse15 Those are good points. What lead me to Outer Rim Smuggler was the fact that it had a side and its damage sides didn't cost resources. But Maz Kanata is also a solid contender. I'm not too keen on Hired Gun though. Hit and Run makes sense. I might add that as well. What would you recommend taking out?

yarsiemanym 81

@darkhorse15 I guess I don't really need New Orders assuming Ascension Gun and Main Plaza interact as expected.

darkhorse15 31

@yarsiemanym Scramble, Outpost, Energy Slingshot. Outpost seems like an expensive card that does what you already have plenty of. Scramble just b/c it's a relatively easy card to drop. And energy slingshot is an ok upgrade but there are many cards that are just flat better.

darthsteves 100

I made a deck like this a couple of weeks ago and got crushed! I thought it would be fun but... Post your matches please?

ciamoslaw 1

this deck is not working, tried it myself, also better 3rd character is guardian of jedi temple from legacies

BDKoolwhip 26

I just made this, crediting you, I added Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen and Negotiate. I played a test game and won with just the supports. It took a few rounds to figure out how to play it but I got it. I think Maz makes claiming easier.