Han/Snap - Battlefield Control (Full Writeup)

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willfrye 196


Hey guys! I wanted to share my favorite deck that I've ever thrown together. Han Solo is my favorite character in all of Star Wars. What's not to love about everyone's favorite smug smuggler?! So, naturally, I also love to play Han Solo - Scoundrel in Destiny. We all saw Han/Rey earn big wins and much success after the release of Awakenings, but this deck faded once Vibroknife came around after the release of Spirit of Rebellion. Han Solo - Scoundrel heavily relies on his shielding capabilities to stay alive (because 10 Health is rather low for a character of his caliber), therefore Vibroknife's popularity held Solo back severely. Thankfully, Vibroknife saw a nerf and the card was put into a much more balanced state, imo. This change encouraged me to bring Han Solo - Scoundrel out again! I wanted to take my Han deck a different route than Han/Rey though, because I was tired of seeing that deck. Thus, Han/Snap was born! I'd seen the pairing on swdestinydb.com before, but this is my own take on it! It has seen much success in my local meta, and I went 4-0 with it at the last local tourney I played in.

The Deck's Goal

The goal of this deck is different than the Han decks of the past. Instead of action cheating your way into big rolls, Han/Snap wants to establish dominance through consistent claiming of the battlefield, while loading Han up with a blaster or two. The deck's biggest limitation is its health pool. 18 health is extremely low. Every action must be maximized, or else the deck's meager health pool will get blown to shreds.

Core Cards

-Main Plaza - Vashka- Some deck's care about the battlefield more than others. This deck cares about the battlefield A LOT. Main Plaza - Vashka provides everything this deck wants. It gives healing early, and can serve as a source of major damage a few rounds into a game. This double edged sword can make short work of your opponent, but can also destroy you if you do not plan every action around claiming. Thankfully, as long as Temmin "Snap" Wexley - Recon Specialist is alive, you should be able to claim reliably.

-Drop Zone and Planetary Uprising- Two massive incentives for claiming. These supports provide large amounts of damage that is extremely difficult for your opponent to mitigate. Use them to lock your opponent out of a game through their consistent, unavoidable damage output.

-Second Chance- Ever since the initial release of Awakenings, Second Chance has seen play in almost all yellow hero decks. The same is true in this case. It is essential for keeping our squishy smuggler alive.

-The blasters. Holdout Blaster and X-8 Night Sniper are great upgrades that provide a shield with their Ambush keyword. Not a whole lot to explain here. I tend to be more strategic about how I play my DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistols, however. This big upgrade's impressive text not only provides a shield through Ambush, but forces your opponent to remove a die as well. This can be a game changer in playing against characters with big dice such as Palpatine - Galactic Emperor. Even if your opponent removes a dice showing a blank, it could have a bigger impact than you realize. The DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol's expensive costs also allows you to overwrite it with Second Chance for free.

The Ambush Cards

Obviously, a Han deck wants ambush cards. Luckily, between the three expansions released, Red/Yellow has gotten some pretty sweet ones. These cards should be used to get ahead of your opponent in action economy, allowing you to claim the battlefield, as well as keeping Han alive with the massive amount of shields that these cards can generate through his ability.

-Hit and Run- Great card to play early. Use it to activate snap, get Han a shield, and take another action. Excellent card to play to get a few actions ahead of an opponent, or resolve on Snap's dice to prevent them from playing an upgrade early.

-Guerrilla Warfare- Snap's dice are mediocre at best. The only reason he is played is for his ability to maintain the battlefield. Guerrilla Warfare can be used at the end of a round to push an extra damage through, get Han a shield, and claim. It is a very versatile card, but it becomes dead when Snap dies, so it should be played early.

-Truce An all-star card in this deck. With the deck's many sides, it is very easy to play Truce, gain a resource and a shield on Han, then remove an opponent's resource. It is a great enabler for early combos such as Truce -> DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol -> resolve on Temmin "Snap" Wexley - Recon Specialist's dice. This is a great play to open a round and results in Han having a huge weapon and two shields, and it leaves your opponent with 1 less dice and missing resources.

-Hold On!- This is a flavor card I like to run, but it could be swapped for another Dug in. The majority of the games I play, Temmin "Snap" Wexley - Recon Specialist is targeted first. If this card is played when Han has three shields, it can put those shields on Snap to keep him alive, and Han would still end up with one shield. It is less reliable than Dug in, but can allow for bigger plays at a cheaper price. It can also be used to generate 1 shield on Han after Snap has died. Just play the card and opt to move 0 shields.

-Fast Hands- Ok, Fast Hands obviously does not have the Ambush keyword, but it fulfills a similar purpose. Playing this card on Han can have huge benefits and allow you to do large amounts of damage without your opponent having much say in it. It is not a terribly necessary card in the deck, and I have considered swapping it out, but it has proven itself to be extremely useful in certain matchups.

The Control Cards

I would classify this as a control deck. It sounds odd, but as you play the deck you realize that your game-plan centers more around controlling your opponent's moves and keeping Han alive while claiming than it does doing blowout damage with big dice. While the deck is capable of the latter, in most matchups the games last a while and will end with Han being barely alive, but your opponent being totally dead. I use a more shield/health oriented control package in this deck, because I find it to be more reliable than many dice mitigation cards. The deck does include staple dice mitigation, though.

-Main Plaza - Vashka- I know I already talked about the battlefield, but I have to talk about it again. This card is insane. It can provide so much healing for your characters, and allow you to turn this healing into damage. Bonkers good. It may only heal 1 damage at a time, but it could net you an extra 4-5 life over the course of the game, and that is what many games come down to.

-Running Interference- Not a typical control card, but it is extremely versatile and a staple in most Yellow-Hero decks at this point. It can fulfill so many roles, rather it be gaining a simple step ahead in the action economy or denying your opponent his ability to resolve dice that would win him the game. Did I mention it's free?!

-Dug in- I only include one copy, but I have heavily considered two Even though this deck generates shields for free, they will often get blown up. Because you should control the battlefield always, this card should always be activated. 3 shields for 1 resource is no joke, and can be the difference in keeping Han or Snap alive.

-Electroshock and Defensive Position- The deck's primary dice mitigation. Electroshock is great at dealing with pesky specials and smaller dice sides, while Defensive Position will annihilate your opponent's monster roll. It's just standard dice mitigation that sees play in most Red/Yellow decks.

-Field Medic- Perhaps one of the most frustrating cards to see hit the table. Healing two damage is huge at any stage of the game. Field Medic can extend either character's life total just enough so they can finish the job. It's key in keeping them alive.

The Game-plan


The deck's mulligan can go a variety of ways based on the matchup. It's always good to have a mixed opening hand in most situations, however. It is ok to keep cards that cost too much to play right away, as Han's dice can easily earn resources quickly.

-Drop Zone and Planetary Uprising- The sooner these cards become active, the more damage they will generate. I want to always have at least one of these in my opening hand.

-It's always great to have a blaster on Han early. Holdout Blaster and X-8 Night Sniper make great opening plays, and DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol can be extremely powerful if you have a Truce early as well.

-Hit and Run is a must-keep in most games. If you can activate Snap and hit his 2 to remove your opponent's money on turn 1, that can seriously put them on the back foot.

There is not a card in the deck that is terrible to have in your opener. I would normally throw back cards such as Second Chance and Field Medic, however, as they may not prove themselves useful until later in the game. If you know your opponent can have Han dead by turn two, it may not be a terrible idea to keep these, though.

The Roll Off

This part is easy. Han's big dice will win the roll off many times. The character dice have a maximum value of ten in the roll off, which is pretty high for most decks. Assuming you win, I have not yet encountered a matchup in which I did not want to take my battlefield and go first. If you do not win, it is not the end of the world, however. Play your supports and claim always, and get as much value out of your opponents battlefield as you can.


The deck is not easy to maneuver, and it will require a lot of practice. It did for me at least. Priority number one should always be keeping Han Solo - Scoundrel alive. His health pool is limited, but the deck is well equipped to beef him up so that he can go the distance. It is not uncommon for me to extend Han's mere 10 health points to 20+. He can be near impossible to kill when you play your ambush cards, healing cards, and claim efficiently. Claim always. This will net you major amounts of damage and allows you to stay ahead in the action economy, which is crucial for this deck. Sometimes I will even leave Han unactivated because claiming the battlefield would do more damage reliably than Han's dice would. That being said, Han does have extremely powerful dice. While I consider this a control deck, the main goal is still to eliminate your opponent by reducing their health total to 0. Use Han's monster dice and his powerful upgrades to get your opponent's characters dead faster. Did I mention how important claiming the battlefield is?


I apologize for the massive post, but I wanted to do a full write-up on this machine because it has been performing so well and I have been having the time of my life playing it. Give it a try! It may seem hard at first, but it is extremely satisfying to win with. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!


Jar Jar Abrams 1

Is X-8 Night Sniper a huge part of this deck. I don't have that card but I really want to play this deck.

willfrye 196

@Jar Jar Abrams You can definitely play the deck without it! It’s a great blaster to include because it has a powerful dice and Ambush, and its ability can add damage when needed, but there are definitely other options. A red blaster could replace it or just two more control events would probably work as well. I believe there is a new neutral blaster with Ambush coming in Legacies that could replace it...

willfrye 196

@Jar Jar Abrams I was thinking of the card Hidden Blaster. It will make a great replacement. I will likely replace Holdout Blaster with this card when I get my hands on it.

mjhan300 1

I played a build of this deck yesterday and I admit it is a lot of fun! Opponent was really frustrated as I dropped the second Planetary Uprising on turn 3. I had a round where I just rolled in, got resources and claimed for 6 damage due to Main Plaza - Vashka and Planetary Uprising.

willfrye 196

@mjhan300 Planetary Uprising is a beast! I'm glad you enjoyed the deck!

bootchas 132

Swap the Guerrilla Warfares for Infamous'. Then every yellow card gets ambush.

SerenityNow98 1

I made Top 8 tonight in a 40+ person regionals with a deck very similar to this. It works really well but the drop zones are super critical in the R2P2 matchup. I played six straight R2P2 matches and went 4-2 against them but not getting the drop zones made my top 8 match unwinnable. Still, it’s a fun deck that has a lot of decisions to make and that’s what I value in a deck.

xdavisx 1

Congrats @SerenityNow98 I would love to see your list and how it differers from this list. As well a report from your regionals. Some questions on this build @willfrye. I’m coming from playing han/snap back when Poe/maz was the dtb. -Is there enough dice removal? -Does this deck end the game quicker than before with the addition of main plaza > carbon chamber (x-8 too) to not warrant more mitigation? -why no new orders? Battlefield was always crucial for this deck in the past and still seems that way with this build.

willfrye 196

@xdavisx I’ve found that in the current meta, shields and health regen are more crucial than dice mitigation. That said it still has electroshock and defensive position, which have been ridiculously strong since their release in awakenings. I did not play the deck back in the Poe/Maz meta, but I do not play to end the game fast. Games can often go very long, with Han just staying alive by the skin of his teeth. All the shielding and healing make up for the lack of tons of mitigation in the longer matchups. If your experience is different, then there are great alternatives that you can tech in. As far as new orders goes, I do not think that it would function as great as it sounds like it would, but it might be worth a try! Main Plaza requires you to claim several rounds in a row in order to achieve its full potential. If you don’t get Main Plaza off the roll, and you don’t draw New Orders until round 3, then switching to it then may not be worth the two resources. Again, worth the try, but I don’t think it allows Main Plaza to do its job fully. Luckily, the deck has great odds of winning the opening roll in most matchups and should get to go first and take Main Plaza most games. If it doesn’t then it can still function well with the opponents battlefield.

Deaf Hooligan 35

Have yall seen my BazMaz write up