Brute Force

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vlac 141


Lopsinho 1

idk if guard and destiny work here as a 2-of since you only have 7 blue dice (max). what about impersonate to capitalize on the wookies health.

vlac 141

What you say is very true. However, I'm not sure if I would put Impersonate instead, because it's high cost (while these dice are very resource hungry) and the deck doesn't really care who dies and who doesn't - everything is redeploy. But then again, their health pool is pretty big, so it could turn out to be a pretty good fit. Maybe Unpredictable or some other card.

vlac 141

When your opponent picks a target just put Hunker Down and other non-redeploy upgrades on the other 2 and build them up until the first target dies, and he redeploys.