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RobBarg 3

Use Cargo Hold - Eravana to put Second Chance and Fast Hands on to Mace Windu - Jedi Champion. Then you can use New Orders to prevent them from being returned.


Tocu_Ivlace 1

How do you deal with little dice mitigation. You don't have Guard or Deflect. also I think Willpower is a good card for Mace Windu - Jedi Champion decks.

bootchas 132

Hewo, my name is: "A kid you've never met before". Have you considered the card Destiny? You can make big purchases with Mace's 4 for 1

RobBarg 3

Sorry for the lackluster deck idea, I was a bit too focused on the character line up to think too much about the deck. Thanks for the Guard suggestion, I can see how that would work wonders with the 4 dice side. Also, in my original write up (if you could even call it that) I mentioned using Cargo Hold - Eravana to put fast hands onto Mace Windu - Jedi Champion. Though now I realize that it would be better to simply put Force Speed onto Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen. I'm going to be making a second version of this deck and putting its link in the comments of this one. Thanks for the help and I'm look for a good name for this deck if you have any. ps- @bootchas or should I say @A kid I've never met before, we are going to be building this deck for the tournament on Tuesday.

RobBarg 3