The Old Master and the New Prodigy v2.1

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CycloneMetal 20

Update to the deck, I removed Determination Heroism and Rend to make way for an extra copy of Overconfidence, At Peace, and added R2-D2 for more support. I also switched out Starship Graveyard - Jakku for B'Omarr Monastery, since I always seem to end up with +sides whenever I roll Rey. I can still play this very aggressively and use everything at my disposal to slow down my opponent.


Focus Ninja 1020

Dude this deck is really bad your changes doesn't do anything for this deck this isn't even jank it's trash go play something like R2P2 or Qui-gon Kanan move away from this

CycloneMetal 20

@Focus Ninja if you dont like it, dont comment on it. I haven't come to any of your deck pages to be rude. It works perfectly fine as intended and and I have fun playing it. Dont tell me how to enjoy my hobby, okay? Go be rude and disrespectful on someone else's list.

Tocu_Ivlace 1

I've got to agree with @Focus Ninja. if you want to play this then put at least some Vibroknife and Guard. The Mace Windu - Jedi Champion I run would eat this for breakfast. If its the only cards you have available then cool that you found something you like, otherwise its bad and don't get mad when someone is calls you out.

Robthedestroyer 19

I find this deck pretty good. Although I would put a bit more upgrades with the ambush keyword in it so that if Rey is full of upgrades there should be some upgrades that have ambush to put on Mace to roll him in quickly aswell. Maybe a vibriknife or vibroknucklers. Also don't let those bad comments stop you from just having fun playing the game and having fun creating new decks. I think that this deck is great and it is really fun to play with. I normally don't use hero decks but I find this deck really fun to use.