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Tajerik Ri 24

Okay everybody...this is a super convoluted and incredible combo deck. I'll start off with the wish-list combo here.

This is an actual game that I played, the final 2 rounds. Sabine Rolls in, uses her ability to pull a DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, playing on her, roll her out, Lead by Example to activate Millennium Falcon as well. Now at this point, you've activated Sabine and the Falcon, and you have an ambush from the Blaster. At this point, you haven't rolled well, but you don't care what you rolled. With the ambush, roll out Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen, praying for one of the dice to get a . Between her die, and Maz's Goggles, you get a focus, with Maz's ability, you resolve the focus on the Falcon to turn to the , pull Never Tell Me The Odds from your discard and play it, tapping Infamous for an ambush off the Odds, turn Sabine's four dice to max damage, and resolve the damage with the ambush off of infamous.

Thus ends your first action of the game. And, pretty much all of your actions.

Oh yeah. It actually works:) Is it hard to get out? Yes. Yes it is. is it crazy? Yes does your opponent quit playing for the night? Yes, Sorry honey.

The hardest part is keeping your characters alive until the combo comes up. Defiance, Second Chance, and Impersonate, Help you with this, but the main combo is looping Second Chance with your battlefield. It's important enough that I may switch out for New Orders or Hyperspace Jump. I guess hyperspace works better with the falcon special that I already have set up. Anywho...

In your opening hand, you really want one of the zero or one-cost upgrades, either Maz's Goggles, Chance Cube or Extortion. If you get Second Chance, it's not a bad Idea to hold onto it. Extortion at it's core is to help turn Maz into a less exact version of Ezra. You need your money, do not underestimate the Chance Cube. Your weapons and Never Tell Me The Odds are your reroll fodder. All 8 of those cards can come back into the game with Sabine and the Falcon. Even your Planned explosion and impersonate can make their way back in with the falcon . By the second round, you should know who your opponent is targeting, and focus your Second Chance looping on that character first. Then the other.

I have not played against Mill yet. And Heaven help me if I do. But I should be Okay with Sabine and the Starship Graveyard - Jakku to get what I need back.

In the meantime, good luck, have fun, and this deck will be obsolete by next Thursday when Legacies hits. Bye!


Vondoom13 1

I don't see where you got the action to play "Never tell me the odds" in your string there.

J1mbo 1

Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen gives you the action economy for that play. roll>resolve 1 focus on Millennium Falcon to special side>resolve falcon special to pull Never Tell Me The Odds from deck, playing Infamous on it as you do, giving you the ability to resolve big dmg.

Tajerik Ri 24

That's the stuff J1mbo.