Deema's Fave: Phasma2 double Death Trooper

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Tajerik Ri 24

Have you ever seen a T-7 Ion Disruptor Rifle hit the table? I Have. Many, many times. yes, it is as scary as crap. And I know crap. I'm a plumber.

This is my wife's favorite deck to play. The rules are simple because there is never a 'spot' mechanic that doesn't work, it makes a ton of money and lives for-freaking-ever.

Phasma is going to die. Just accept it. Slap Captain Phasma's Blaster on her and let it ride. Once they destroy phasma, make sure to split up your upgrades between the two Death Trooper's. Make your opponents choice on who to kill as tough as you can.

Redeploy weapons are your friend. Never discard them to reroll. Same goes for your Chance Cube's and your Imperial Discipline's. They are going to save you. Imperial discipline allows you to fix that chance cube every single round, without caring what it rolls. And if your Chance Cube happen's to roll well, your Imperial Discipline suddenly can be used to flip your damage-intensive dice to big .

Your endgoal is to get both of your Death Troopers to Endless Ranks throughout the game. Many decks can do 25-30-40 damage, but very few can get the magical 50 that this deck regularly has on the field.

Wingman and training should always go on your Death Trooper as early as you get them. your T-7 Ion Disruptor Rifle, and Rocket Launcher are endgame cards used to divert your opponents focus fire. At first they were going after your Trooper with the F-11 and training. But then you slap down a big gun with an Imperial Discipline, and suddenly they're not so cool letting that other guy keep going.

While this deck is not optimized completely, there are some tricky cards in here for those really sweet moments. We Have Them Now is a master stroke of damage that even if you play it at the very begining of the game nets you 6 damage. But you should really be doing that anyway. Your dice have damage sides for days. It's pretty much all that you do. And if you can wait till later in the game, We Have Them Now can wipe your opponent off the board. While it is an amazing card, sometimes the battlefield just isn't easy to get. So that Lockdown comes in as a handy combo with We Have Them Now to steal the battlefield and turn your four mediocre rolls into 8-14 damage. Such a good feeling.

Anywhay, this deck is super fun to play, and while it runs basically zero mitigation, your ability to revive and make money off of deaths with Aftermath make this deck expensive, and fun:) Again, this deck does damage. Nothing but damage. You're welcome, galaxy.

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