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torgo27 1

Temmin "Snap" Wexley - Recon Specialist is just there to provide red cards and prevent the opponent from claiming. Hard Mulligan for Second Chance and Con Artist. Focus on keeping Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen alive, while putting most yellow upgrades on Padme since Maz and Snap look like the biggest threats to your opponent. Get Tough Haggler out early to mill those cards and can be swapped for free for second chance. An Outmaneuver early helps pay for the expensive upgrades like tough haggler, and if you're in a pinch; Hyperspace Jump. Roll out Snap early to prevent them from claiming, and roll Padme out before Maz to capitalize on Maz's ability. Local Patrol works great early in the game as the opponent will spend both resources on upgrades and will have to discard two from their deck. It will work later in the game as a reroll. The hardest part of this mill deck is getting the last cards out of your opponents hand. That is where Scout and Pickpocket come in to play. save those cards for the late game. This deck is reliant on second chance and con artist, but when played right; it's a lot of fun to see the frustration on your opponents face!


Menergy 1

if i dont have Sound the Alarm could C3-PO be a good substitute? his ability would also help get rid of the cards in hand of your opponent

torgo27 1

I tried fitting C3PO in with this deck, but I found he didn't work as well as I thought.

VehicularSupport 1

With this specials I would probably run double dealing instead of out maneuver

torgo27 1

Double Dealing would work, but is conditional on rolling the special. I rely more on the focus to get sides to specials, and Snap helps ensure I claim the battlefield. It is a great substitute if you don't have Outmaneuver.

torgo27 1

I am currently reworking this deck with Yoda instead of Padme. Double Dealing would be much better with Yoda.