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thyagumm 38

Deck champion of the Store Championship at Paladins - GoiĆ¢nia/GO/Brazil.

This deck was built to discard as fast as possible your opponent's cards while defending yourself with shields. The basic strategy is:

  • Discard the opponent's hand as quickly as possible.
  • Defend yourself from great damage, sometimes it is better to prepare the mill and take 1, 2 or even 3 damage.
  • Wait or give the claim.

Let's go to some points:

Initial Hand

Key Cards


  • If you win the rolling for , choose your opponent's field if it is not too bad against you. Take the and use New Orders to return your field for the game.
  • Always protect yourself with . Play Personal Shield and Dark Presence as soon as they appear.
  • Blackmail, play If you have available and without having to defend yourself, play in who is not the focus of the attacks..
  • Claim the with the certainty that your opponent will not do much or wait for your opponent to claim that you can use your key cards with ease.
  • End If the game: At this point you already have a lot of damage, so one more turn is terrible, not let that happen. Spend the resources needed to discard all your opponent's cards, if you have Lying in Wait in your hand, keep to use this card, even if it costs you to stay with one life.

Mathematics is essential for you, always calculate how much damage you can take to be able to discard your opponent's cards. Against other Mill decks, be much faster than your opponent.

Remember: taking cards from your opponent's hand is your greatest asset and your greatest defense.


Darik_grey 93

Seems a very potent discard deck -- do you think that Buy Out would be a good addition to this deck if you were to include cards from the Empire at War set? Thanks for sharing and the informative write up!

thyagumm 38

Thanks for your comments. I tried but this deck does not make much and in this tournament we can't use EaW, here in Brazil hasn't been released yet, unfortunately.