Shiny Scaly - Starfighters Italia

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Shiny Scaly - Starfighters Italia 0 0 0 2.0

Piffo 43

A budget deck built around the damage capabilities of the charachters and the possibility spread/move damage around. Despite knowing it's not a high-tier deck, kinda feels like the earlier versions of Rey/Qui-Gon, with many different ways of dealing damage.

Please note that both upgrade and events suites are currently under testing and might experience a deep review soon.

Points of debate: Chance Cube: Worth it or not? F-11D Rifle: with the release of Legacies the E-11 Blaster would take its place. Same redeploy, better damage sides. yay or nay? Captain Phasma's Blaster + Arms Deal: also valid with Relby-V10 Mortar Gun, racking up resources is pretty useful, considering the cost curve of the deck. Might take out 1 Chance Cube to add 1 Arms Deal.

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