Aurra's Death Song

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Aurra's Death Song - Legacies Updated 4 3 0 2.0

#LifeforthisRoad 20

The main goal of this deck is to use aurra's ability and discard cards in order to rush a kill and use bala-tik's ability.

Essentials cards for this deck: Starship Graveyard - Jakku this is the perfect battlefield for this deck.It is rarely useful to the opponent and you can regain cards and weapons you discard with aurra's ability. Just think using armor planting again and again and again ... Holdout Blaster it is cheap, it has good dice sides,has the ambush keyword and the redeploy keyword which very important since neither one of your characters has too much health and might die early. LL-30 Blaster Pistol same as Holdout Blaster but also has a very useful special ability for this deck. Armor Plating cheap protection from damage since your characters are both low health guys, also its a great upgrade to discard with Armed to the Teeth Fast Hands you can immediatly activate Aurra Sing - Deadly Shot dice without giving the opponent the opportunity to remove them.It is very important for this deck. He Doesn't Like You maybe the best die removal card in the game, and it has a 0 cost. Armed to the Teeth it gives you the little extra damage you need to finish an opponent's character. Dont be afraid to use it early since most

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