1-13-08 pax South galactic qualifier( 5-1)3rd place Kylo2- F

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1-13-08 pax South galactic qualifier( 5-1)3rd place Kylo2- F 3 1 0 1.0

General Malice 75

First I wanna say I'll play FN till I can't anymore. Don't sleep on him. Expect me playing with FN and maul soon

Round one 1-0 5die hero's Didn't lose a character

Round 2 2-0 R2 p2 Lost Kylo only one turn before I won

Round 3 3-0 Sabine - Ezra Was tuff. Since you can't mitigate Sabine's dice it's probably the toughest mach up.

Round 4 3-1 Cenna, seven sister, Guavian Me and this guy have history playing in majors. I got him last time (he got sec that major) but he got me good. Hit me for 20 turn 3 off a price of failure, and a leadership. After I took damage I scooped. Also I haven't played at all since I lost in the cut at my regional so I didn't even know this deck was out. Had no clue

Round 5 4-1 Cenna , seven sister, Guavian So this was the guy who made the deck that round 4 copied. Since I just lost to it last round I was prepared for it and took it out this time.

Round 6 Palpatine Not to much to say. Kylo did his thing.


General Malice 75

Oh it wasn't 5 hero it was 5 villains

Kanaku 1

So is the strategy here like most FN decks and put weapons on him till you work up to the baton?

General Malice 75

No. Treat fn like a player that only uses the ability for kills. There are only12 wep so pitching then all leave you with nothing late game. I hold stuff and hard cast for the extra roll in and only go all out for kills. also what I tend to do is based on the deck I play. Mononcolor deck go straight for Kylo so I'll do enough to keep Kylo alive with one or 2 weapons so that FN can get to at least 2. This deck generates a lot of money (well enough for all the 2 cost.) I used to run more red and honestly with the inclusion of unyielding I wanna replace batons for new blue when it comes out. Unyielding is not spot a blue and I fell there's enough stronge blue weapons now that they are not needed.but really FN is second to Kylo so FN usually has 3 weapons on him and more then enough late game I can close out with one overwrite and 2 replacements for the win once Kylo is dead

If they go after FN first the all the blue weapons complement Kylo perfect. It's really a pick your poison deck. I only saw one Sabine so unless tarkin goes hard on the zero casting cost cards I'll keep rend at one and or remove it for something else.

Vitalogy10 105

Wouldn't Cad work just as well instead of FN, plus you get the yellow mitigation cards?

General Malice 75

Not the focus. Cad can't throw 3 wep out in one turn. The point of the deck is that even though FN is not able to over throw a Buch of wep his ability is still couch for game ending damage. Kylo is strong enough to hold his own to build up FN. Fn is the focus of the deck to be played. Kylo just fits

badeesh 56

Yeah better weapons out of blue too.