Rainbow 7s OTK: 6-0 Galactic Qualifier Day 2

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JT-Money 646

Alright folks, alot of people have been asking for the list that helped me take down the Galactic Qualifier this past weekend at PAX South, and here it is.

This deck was a collaborative effort that started out with a vision from Rebeltrooper. I originally saw the deck when he played it against me on TTS a couple of months ago and immediately started playing with it and tweaking the deck and character pairings. It has gone through many iterations from Royal Guard and Stormtrooper until it finally landed on the current character pairing. HonestlySarcastc of The Hyperloops was instrumental in helping to take the deck over the top as well, mainly with the addition of Guavian Enforcer and one other card I'll get to later. I was actually pretty hesitant to run it over the weekend but my teammate, who goes by Kawl on Discord, convinced me to have faith in the deck and I'm certainly glad I stuck with it.

The core of the deck has remained much the same. Reset 7th Sister, get more seeker droids, and kill your opponents characters in one big turn, hence how it got dubbed OTK (One Turn Kill).

I'm not going to sugar coat this, I didn't play against R2P2 and Qui-Gon/Kanan every game but between me and my playtest partner Kawl, I think we won at least 60-70% of our games against strong meta decks. Take that as you will.

So first things first, lets look at our characters. Guavian Enforcer brings a few things to the table. Two base damage sides, two resource sides, and in a shield heavy meta his ability is always relevant. If we get stuck with our battlefield (I usually opt for shields to bring 7th up to 12 HP), we have a 9 HP guardian character. Ciena Ree as you can see is here for a couple reasons, the main one being leadership as she is the only 8 cost unique red villian character. In addition, her double resource sides help us link up with that Guavian modified resource side. Finally, 7th Sister. The only 3 dice character in the entire game with the exception of Krennic, but with no stipulations.

Alright, so how do we play the deck. Number one priority is to keep 7th Sister alive at all costs. She is incredibly tanky when you factor in shields from seeker droids, two ancients lightsabers coupled with lightsaber pull (Kawl's big inclusion after testing last week, who I now know got it from HonestlySarcastc of The Hyperloops) to get them back, and Rise Again. You just need to keep her alive long enough to pull off one incredible turn with Leadership and/or Price of Failure.

In order to maximize use of 7th's ability, leave the extra droid die in the pool. When you get a reset, you roll in another droid and increase the value of that first droid. Ideally, you are looking for melee sides and focus sides, but using droids for well timed discard/disrupt can be advantageous, and don't underestimate that shield side as well.

In my opening hand I like to see a droid or ancient, lightsaber pull is acceptable as well if you get neither. Some 0 cost removal is a bonus, and aftermath pays huge dividends when you factor in Price of Failure. Don't be too greedy with your reset cards unless you have a focus droid still in the pool and know your opponent is out of mitigation as you will be rerolling alot.

One thing to keep in mind are that droid dice values are the some for Friends in High Places. With two droids not on blanks it's a value of 4, more than halfway to getting something for free. Many games I was able to Rise Again off a Friends in High, sometimes as early as turn 1.

I can see this deck continuing to be relevant in the Legacies meta with things like Maul's Saber, and Hidden Motive added in. And with the shift towards indirect damage it makes your 9 HP secondary characters even better targets for Price of Failure.

Thanks for checking out the deck, it's probably the most fun deck I've played since the game released and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Rebeltrooper 952

Boom! Big ups! Congrats on the win. Good luck at worlds!

HonestlySarcastc 246

I'm going to beat up Kawl!

inkandy 1

When does legacies come out on this website?

Jorgyn Ryys 170

@inkandy when it releases on the 1st

DreWooo 1

How many id9 dice do you realistically need for this deck?

JT-Money 646

@HonestlySarcastc go easy on him, sorry the secret’s out

JT-Money 646

@DreWooo I’d say you need about 5 droid dice. Usually you’ll get only get 4 in the pool at a time. If you need a 6th then I think you’ve already won.

JT-Money 646

@Rebeltrooper Thanks man! Hope to see you there as well!

TheKraftyOne 291

Would possibly having friend in low places be worth it? possibly 1

TheKraftyOne 291

Also I was the guy Rebeltrooper destroyed during that game a month ago. Was nuts I was playing Phasma 1 I think

Rebeltrooper 952

@justrick is right, if u get 6 out its game. That said 6 is the number I'm bringing. As for cards you could put in... there is about 5 cards you could run 1 or 2 of in this but flexibility wise, u only about 4 to 6 spots to play with. 80% of this deck has to be the way it is for it to run efficiently imo. Just my opinion, and I could be wrong, but always think about what you are pulling for what you are putting in.

wund3k 51

@justrick what do you mean "4 or 5 id9 droid dice at the time"? you can only have two from upgrades and 1 for activating Sis. could you clarify that's please?

Reelmancoop 10

Feint. Price of Failure. Leadership. All help you get extra ID9 droids into the pool. That’s how you get extra in.

wund3k 51

@Reelmancoop right, thank you. great stuff!

JT-Money 646

@OnlyinAbsolutes The Guavian Enforcer is almost always the first to go for PoF and with FILP being spot yellow I wouldn’t run it

SillyJedi 458

@Rebeltrooper you been wrecking me with a list simular for a while dude. I give you credit bro decks nuts and its a ton of fun to play. With legacies Mauls saber should easily replace the Z6s

JZonca 193

Awesome game with you at PAX South (I was the guy running 5-die villain). Good luck at Worlds!

Rhavas 9

I like this deck a lot, and have been working on a number of 7th Sister Decks. Some cards I'm considering adding from Legacies (comment if you feel like adding insight):


Maul's Lightsaber - This seems obvious with all of the re-activating and the goal of massive OTKs. Likely replacing Kylo Ren's Lightsaber and/or Z6 Riot Control Baton.

Kylo Ren's Starfighter - This card just seems like it should go in all blue villain decks, but it may be hard to find a place. The synergy with Ciena Ree makes me think it might be useful. Need to find a place though.


Double Strike - Looking for ways to pump the OTK aspect. This can be a TON of damage off of a ID9 after you've set up the big roll-in turn. One Id9 die with a melee showing could kill a character by itself.

Counter Strike - This one seems less likely as its dependent on opponent playing melee, and I'm not keen on dice that just may not work. That said, in this meta there's a lot of melee, so this could do a ton of damage at a cost-effective rate.

Imperial Might - Similar to Counter Strike, but costs one more with no play restriction. I don't think I'd run this and Counter Strike, but would need to decide which was the better of the two. Cost vs. opportunity.


Crash Landing - Since the Guavian and Ciena are the damage sinks, this seems like a zero cost way to spread the damage around and give 7th Sister more survivability.

Dangerous Maneuver - Dealing damage to Guavian and Ciena to keep 7th Sister alive.

Invigorate - Very cost efficient healing to go along with all of the other indirect damage cards. Could potentially heal 3 for 1 resource, which seems very good. Nice combos with Dangerous Maneuver and Crash Landing.

Obviously, the hardest part will be determining which of these cards to add and what to cut. Looking forward to your insight!

P11grim 15

Looks great and congrats! I have run 7th royal and Gamorrean Guard for a while now with good success and this looks way better. One card I found great in the shield meta was On the Hunt. Is this a card you would consider running?

Mcdon 1

As the 3rd day winner of this qualifier, I can say this deck and 5 dice villain scared me the most. Gratz on your win mate.

JT-Money 646

@P11grim No, intimidates didn’t even make the cut. You don’t care about shields with this deck. Just smash through them.

Leddon75 139

I see it like... get round 3 with 7th sister alive you win...if she dies round 2 , you loose. When people will understand how this works, like...why control and waste money round 1 or 2...when all you have to do is burst the 7TH :)

ciamoslaw 1

shields is one thing to get through, illusion is 2nd thing ... what about unyelding as possible in?

JT-Money 646

@Leddon75 easier said than done. Ancient, ID9 shields, and Rise Again can make killing her a real chore for your opponent.

JT-Money 646

@ciamoslaw You are not worried about it. Just hit your opponents character for 16 damage in a turn and illusion can’t save them. Switching targets is another thing this deck does well so if they drop illusion down feel free to blast their other character(s).

Leddon75 139

I'm not saying 7th will fall every game Round 2 :) But many decks can... Kylo2/xx with unyielding or 5 dies villains,.(unyielding too ;p), Legacy Zeb/Yoda, Maybe Kallus/Talzine I play Tarkin/7th with double of control cards and sometimes, there is nothing to do, 7th will die no matter what ;) Of course if your opponent uses his ressources round 1 and round 2 to control die..and not playing Upgrades. He's already helping you. And they'll probably never kill 7TH and take 2X damage Round 3. This is like All In in Poker ;)

Rhavas 9

@justrickAny thoughts on Legacies adds/changes or are you playing updates close to the chest (which I can understand). Thanks!

JoshuaR 1

What do you think about Nute in this deck with legacies? I was also looking at greedo, although he’s not as tanky as enforcer, he does more damage, and works well with price of failure.