Palpatine's Discount Events

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Palpatine's Discount Events 9 6 11 1.0
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TheRumHam 623

My first foray into Trilogy, I wanted to try out the new Palpatine. He seemed very divisive - myself and others thought he was insane, while others called him the most overrated card in the set. After a few games, I'm comfortable with my 'insane' pick.

His dice are the pinnacle of reliability: Three black 2-damage sides and two resources. All killer, no filler. Phasma brings you up to a respectable 22 Health and also has a die with no bad sides. The weapons contain a variety of symbols but very few modifiers or pay sides to allow a board of mixed symbols to still reliably be resolved. Even BB-9E shines, as his two different damage faces contribute to Palp's ability when he's not rerolling enemy dice.

You are taking 1 less die than most people so Palp's action needs to make up for it. At worst, you get -1 cost on an event per turn, effectively making that 4th die you're missing always a resource. What surprised me is how easily you can get 2 or 3 symbols out there. I often had 2 different symbols but only 1-cost cards in my hand, so I increased the count of expensive events in this version. Crush the Rebellion (for 0) is an absolute backbreaker against decks like Obi Wan with 3-damage faces. Law and Order, even paying 1 or 2, can swing games in your favor by removing big upgrades like Obi-Wan's Lightsaber.

Overall this deck is a rock. 3 solid dice you can always count on, the best removal suite in the format, and the ability to cheat out powerful events for 0. It can win games totally fair (only taking 1-cost discount each turn) or uppercut someone with a turn 1 removal of a 3- or 4-cost upgrade from a free Law and Order.


pulasrvolcano 1

pretty good

kadvas 13

is there nothing better to fill the Canto Bight Pistol slot?

BlakeCFA 1

You really should think about adding "Snare" to the deck it is really good and can kill and opponents turn.

BlakeCFA 1

Lord.Vader__ 28

A card that I'm testing in this deck is Training. Makes this a 4 character dice deck and with 4 damage sides on that death trooper dice it's replacing a weapon with.

Lord.Vader__ 28

Nevermind not death trooper

Husher315 17

I used this tonight and went 3-0. Two of those decks I had no business beating. They were Kylo/Mother and Obi/Maz. This deck is a lot more legit than I thought.