Vader Raider Aggro

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rusty 158

Vader Raider Aggro is essentially a "Burn" deck. You give up card advantage and board development to end the game before your opponent can execute their game-plan. It also has a bit of mitigation to deal with explosive rolls from your opponent.

The framework for this list was developed by Tiny Grimes. I made a few changes:

-1 Power of the Darkside -2 Power of the Force

+1 Intimidate +2 Use the Force

Power of the Force was rarely better than 2 damage and I like the versatility of Use the Force. Stranding a handful of +2/3 Ranged dice or setting a blank Vader to 3 is a nice spot to be in. I've also found that Hunker Down is a huge swing card and being able to deal with those shields is fantastic.

I'm on the fence with Force Choke. It's cheap, and the special presents some great mitigation but it doesn't hit very hard. I'm considering a second Lightsaber and perhaps an All-In. All-In has some potential but diluting No Mercy isn't really where you want to be.

This deck feels strong and I only find myself regularly losing to Jango/Veers. Jango/Veers can race this deck with good rolls and you can't mitigate Jango's dice. This deck feels more consistent because it has access to better mitigation but RNG.dec is tempting.

Probe is excellent tech to beat this deck. Losing 2 cards for 0 Credits is rough.

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