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Thrisk 47

I know many people have been focusing on a lot of other decks around the world. While Kallus might seem like a better fit with mother Talzin, I have seen this deck output tons of damage.

Abilities: Aurra Sing's ability is always good. If you combo that with Talzin's ability you are getting to correct Aurra's dice, and it will help you deal more damage!

Even Cost cards? You might be saying, well, aren't most of villain yellow's best cards even? There are some very good even costed cards, but I have narrowed it down to 10. I don't want to have more than that. If I ran a holocron package this might be lower, but with this deck, I do not think holocron package is the way to go.

Battlefield: I have seen a lot of people run Starship Graveyard with this deck, but I believe this is one of the best battlefields for this deck. It gets you a resource (which is amazing), and I get to draw one more card. This will allow me to cycle through my even cards.

Mulligan: Ideal Mulligan: Fast Hands, X-8 (or LL-30), Bait and Switch, Mitigation Card, He doesn't like you

Fast hands is great for Aurra, and you want to get weapons out as soon as possible. All of the weapons in this deck have 50% chance of rolling damage. With Talzin's ability we are maintaining high damage output, with consistency.

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