The Hyperlane Report: Building for a Friend

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Crabshack101 70

Check out my article at with the same name as this deck!


Tilk 8

couldnt find the article

Crabshack101 70

Yeah, it is not up yet I will be posting the article sometime next week. Sorry for the delay.

Crabshack101 70

I may switch it though so it comes out This week just keep an eye out for a link here in the description haha

MassiveNerd 1

Lightsaber pull seems like a waste of time here as the only card you can fetch is the crossguard.

Crabshack101 70

I think we were hoping our buddy would get his own Ancient Lightsaber at some point haha.

Crabshack101 70

Also here is a link tot he deck review article, so that last comment will make more sense.