Portland Regional 1st and 6th Place: ePoe2/eHondo

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13th Place (6-2) SoCal Regionals: ePoe2 / eHondo 8 5 1 1.0
Gdansk Regionals 5th Swiss - 2nd place in general 0 0 0 1.0
Gdansk Regionals 5th Swiss - 2nd place in general 6 3 0 2.0
PoeHondo 0 0 0 1.0
Pondo - Top 8 Seattle Regional 2 1 0 1.0
Poundhoe 0 0 0 1.0

thegandork 823

Full writeup on the deck will soon be posted on Artificery.com

Artificery article:


I was the deck designer and also made the top 8 and placed 6th overall. My fellow Boise bro Jason Reece took the same deck all the way to the regional win.


Rhavas 9

Love the deck. Thoughts on C-3PO? The redundancy and ability to trigger so many of the weapons seems invaluable, especially when Verpine Sniper Rifle becomes lega.

thegandork 823

@Rhavas C-3PO is too slow for this deck and with special chaining and possibly Throne Room mean he serves even less of a purpose

Verpine is definitely going in when legal

Rhavas 9

@thegandorkInteresting on C-3PO. With all the weapon specials and Cunning, he seems like guaranteed damage, especially with the addition of Verpine. Does the deck need to go fast?

Would you go Verpine over X-8? Both seem good, as the Verpine had a special side and the X-8 can take advantage of resources.

zukie78 44

How many Obi/Maz did you face? I have been playtesting with this and it gets wrecked by Obi/Maz

sageleader 2

I also played it against Yoda, and it can be weak against him. He has such a high possibility to roll resource every round that Hondo is basically neutered. I faced a Qui-Gon/Yoda deck and with It Binds All Things (he actually had 2 out) he not only never used his resources but he also generated 1-2 every turn just from Yoda specials. At that point with only 8 dice that do straight up damage (only 1 of which has redeploy), Hondo can't hold the game on his own.

thegandork 823

@Rhavas I have my "Post Portland" list published here too, I would go X-8 for now and cut 1 Planetary and 1 Retreat for 2 x X-8. Then when Verpine is legal, I think the X-8s become Verpines because the unblockable damage special is just way way better in this deck and with Throne Room. Plus X-8 and DL-44 really occupy the same space in a lot of ways.

@zukie78 I played 1 Obi/Maz in swiss and I think one of my teammates faced 1 Obi/Maz. We both won. We played against it a lot in testing and it never really was a threat to this deck. Obi/Maz likes to spend its resources and it doesn't generally generate a whole bunch, so Hondo seems to really keep them off their game. We usually blow up Maz asap, then Obi is pretty easy to control out the rest of the way.

@sageleader Just because your opponent has resources doesn't mean Hondo is neutered, especially in the early game. If they're resolving Yoda specials for resources and turning dice - just to use those resources to pay Hondo off. They're not expanding their board or shielding their characters up - and in Qui-Gon's case using Yoda specials for resources usually = a lot less damage too. Poe/Hondo is going to try to expand its board with all the extra resources and take Qui-Gon or whoever Yoda's partner is off the table. Also as you can see if you look for my "Post Portland List", a change we'd definitely make is to add more weapons.

Dz 70

Been playing this since the pre-release with fantastic success, but always wondered if it could take a major tournament; also, I'd like to extend some hate as well b/c now Poe/Hondo will likely double over the next couple of weeks.

Some thoughts: Planetary Uprising -- never thought about this card, but it's because I include C-3PO and claiming was usually a hit/miss type thing for me. Given the faster nature of this deck, ever consider Hasty Exit or Superior Position

A180 Blaster -- considered this weapon? I like this over Canto (but I hate pay sides). It's somewhat more versatile, but you'll likely do the 2 unblockable more often than not.

Hyperspace Jump over Retreat? Yes, HSJ is one extra cost, but resources are no problem with Hondo.

Lastly, All In seems like a great card to 1x in the deck, it's phenomenal when you can roll out Hondo and next turn Hit and Run and then All in.

I imagined Hondo was attacked first in most (if not all games) -- I always found it difficult to keep Hondo alive, but then again, I probably need to start running 2x Second Chance over 1x.

Congrats on the win!

thegandork 823

@KingD21RE: Planetary Uprising and C-3PO, with the special chains + the Emperor's Throne Room on our side, C-3PO wasn't really needed and was too slow.

Planetary Uprising is a great finisher, particularly if you are down to just Hondo vs 1 opposing character, it gets you there and makes up for Hondo's lack of damage sides and their ability to pay him off late game. It is not good early, so in the future I'd probably drop it to 1 copy to fit in X-8s or Verpines (I have a post portland list posted up here too if you search for it)

Hasty Exit was in the deck at one point, but having that plus Defensive Position was just too many cards relying on battlefield control and they didn't play nice together. Plus Hasty Exit only being able to hit damage sides limits its usefulness in this new special meta. Superior Position could be included, but it probably isn't a good idea going forward particularly in the mirror since battlefield control isn't as easy to get.

A180 Blaster was considered, but Canto Bight Pistol does some things that none of the other weapon choices do. First, it has redeploy obviously - which I think it's good to have at least something with redeploy to maintain your board state and not just lose resources when a character dies. Canto has all base sides, which is good if Poe goes down and Hondo has it - you don't have a ranged modified side to worry about. And it still has a special that does damage that plays with Poe and the Throne Room.

I could see Hyperspace Jump over Retreat - obviously the resources are a consideration, but that makes pros and cons to both. These cards were definitely played as a counter to "long round" decks like 7th/Tarkin, Hero Vehicles, or OTK - if you don't expect to see any of those you might want to cut these for more removal or guns.

A 1-of All In could definitely be a good inclusion too, maybe in place of the above mentioned Hyperspace Jump or Retreat.

Hondo was frequently the target, but I don't think he's the right target first. I think most decks should go after Poe. Like you said, going after Hondo just to have Second Chance hit, then maybe a Field Medic, then Poe shielding him up - he's the harder target to kill. ON top of that Hondo is less dangerous in the late game when resources are more plentiful, while a Poe at the end with 3 guns with specials on them is a beast who is going to keep putting out piles of damage and could get a Hit and Run into blowing up a character with no time for you to react.

Sleazebaggono 137


thegandork 823

@Sleazebaggono I would if I could....

Sleazebaggono 137

@thegandork him having balls makes that hard.

revhellion 1

This deck is really awesome to see in action. And I love that it's 0 legendaries and very accessible. I do wonder if Hondo will hold up, as it seems like there are strategies to work around his ability. Which most people haven't played against Hondo yet. Poe seems to be the consistent top meta choice though.

Also, we're going to see removal adapt to specials in this early meta. It will be interesting to see how things shape out. Great deck and well piloted. Congrats.

RebelTraitor 205

what were your matchups?

thegandork 823

My matchups were: Kylo2/Phasma2/trooper- W Obi/Maz - W Poe/Hondo - W Kylo2/Talzin - W Yoda/Hondo - L Kylo2/Talzin - W Aayla/Poe2 - W Poe/Hondo - W

Top 8 Kylo2/Talzin - 0-2 L

GenghisDon 100

What about Y-Wing? You'd put your opponent in a terrible position with either damage or resources or worse they take all the damage.

adam.smith722 7

@ghenghisdon there are a LOT of great choices for the deck, including y-wing, I was considering running it in my list but it was cut for a rocket launcher (really surprises the mess out of hero vehicles as it can be special chained to as well)