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None. Self-made deck here.
Inspiration for
Yondo - Regional Championship Winner GdaƄsk 4.02.2018 2 1 0 1.0
Yo Ho - Perth Western Australia Regional Winner 21 13 2 1.0

Artificery 1804


Agent Of Zion 354

This is the deck I used over the weekend, it went 4-0 at the local weekly event, then 7-1 during the swiss rounds the following day before topping out at 3rd/4th place in the top 8. It has a few rough spots though so I really don't recommend taking a 1-for-1 copy to anything major.

This list will be updated with a link to a full article going over said rough spots and proposed changes for a Starter/Rivals legal version once I actually type it all out.

stranglebat 720

How did you find mislead? As the apparent less fortunate cousin of Isolation and electroshock (that to its credit doesnt require a spot) it hasn't made it past the deckbuilding stage for me. How did it fair for you?

Agent Of Zion 354

@stranglebatIt was fine overall. In some matchups it's a bad Electroshock, in others it's a bad Isolation, but on the whole no spot requirement and the comparative lack of 3-sides on char dice make me pretty happy with it.

barrinmstr 7

What about your plot? I like the idea of this deck and am brewing something similar, however I want to run Profitable Connection vice Fortify. Also you currently have 11 pieces of die mitigation... did you feel like you needed more?

bboyspiderman 98

@barrinmstrAre you saying you want to run Yoda/eHondo, and have Profitable Connection and Fortify at the same time? I personally would rather have 2 Yoda dice than that extra resource.

OR are you saying you would run Profitable Connectioninstead of Fortify? This isn't possible because you have only 2 extra points to work with, and PF is 3.

bboyspiderman 98

PC is 3*