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TheKraftyOne 291

This is the deck I brought to the Madison Regional. Not going to far into what we did to prepare, we played the mirror a lot and against Hondo Variants since last weekend was fairly Hondo Heavy.

The Deck is Evolved from BobbySapphire's List.

Just like most of you, when BobbySapphire Dropped this list on their website, I immediately went to TTS and played it........ A-LOT. My friends and I are consistently testing this both Paper and TTS, We have been trying crazy events and even a different suite of Upgrades. This is what I have currently landed on as completely busted. I'm sure I'm exaggerating a bit, but for the most part only a small handful of decks have come close to the power level this deck has.

Tournament report-

Round 1 (eAayla / Wookiee / rebel trooper) Rebel trooper ate a lot of 2 melee early on. I had a huge all in play one shorting Aayla leaving the Wookiee by himself. Both Tarkin and sister were still alive so Tarkin power action closed the game out. (1-0)

Round 2 (T7s Mirror) Played my buddy SillyJedi in the mirror, came down to just sisters and he was one money short of winning. Squeaked it out. (2-0)

Round 3 (Rainbow 5s) Guy played fairly well. First Tarkin power action turned on battle fatigue to remove the only base side. Also killed night sister in first round. Bala was last alive with 0 resets. Another devistating All In play. (3-0)

Round 4 (Obi / Maz) Had doubts for his early Obi dice. His Maz didn’t hit focus on first 2 rounds. All in down his Obi round 3 through shields with Vibroknife. (4-0)

Round 5 (Hero Mill/ Winner of Event) Was a really close game. killed Yoda fairly early through shields with vibro. Walked into fall back. Ancient lightsaber pulled theough to force a first action claim. Tarkin power action plus 3 damage closed it out. Could go super detailed into the match but it was a great game. (5-0)

Round 6 (Kylo 2/ Tarkin) Got ahead of him with force speed and chance cube. Deck isn’t so blue heavy so he wiffed on Kylo ability every round except the 4th round. Killed Kylo First then Tarkin went down fast with my Seventh Sister suites up with vibros and ancient. (6-0)

Round 7 (Pondo) This was my other good friend that road together. We tested this matchup forever and it always felt I have the upper hand by a lot. My opener had no upgrades. Had mulliganed all 5 still nothing, ended up losing by 1 Hp worth of damage. Even with the bad start the match was very close. (6-1))

Round 8 ( Zeb/Yoda) So the idea was to gun down Zeb and see if Yoda can close out. I knew going to the match both second chances would be a problem. I had Zeb at 3 Hp left going into round 2 . got the first second chance and blew through both easy pickings and both entangles. When Zeb was about to fall he had the 2nd copy of 2nd chance. Knocked it off. And was 1 damage short again from dropping Zeb. (6-2)

Cut to Top 8 (Pondo) My friend again. Lost the first match to lack of upgrades again..... came back and got the next 2 to win. All very close games, A lot closer than what we had tested. (7-2)

Semi Finals (Aayla/Rose/Ezra Vehicles) Fought Nick Obee. First game I was quite far ahead first 2 rounds with having sister loaded with mauls and 2 vibros. Tarkin died for round 3, with just Rose left. Mauls saber die didn’t want to hit anything other than blank. If I hit anything on it I win on the spot. Nick has no cards and won’t have enough time to setup the ships. Got super unlucky and come up 1 damage short.

Next game I missed sequenced my damage from Tarkin power action and my melee damage on sister. Should have melee down Ezra then power action. Missed out on 3 damage. Eventually get down to just Aayla with only need 4 damage. This is were I might add Tactical Mastery. I had terkin left. I rolled and had double discard. He flanks one die to live and win the game. Tactical Mastery wins that game there. (7-3)

Finish 3rd

Overall the deck is amazing! I highly recommend it. It has a lot of legs when piloted right. It has a lot of decisions to make and you don’t typically need to discard to reroll for damage. Helps with the mill matchup. Tarkin is tier 1 (IMO)

Hope you like this version of Tarkin - Grand Moff/Seventh Sister - Agile Inquisitor. Please comment or message me your thoughts. Thanks everyone for cheering me on. Hope to make it to worlds and crush. TheKraftyOne OUT!


Winter_soldier 1

Deck really looks fun to play. I do have 1 question though why [Mos Eisley Spaceport - Tatooine] as battlefield?

Shardaddy 45

Hey, I played this deck last night, something similar to it anyway, and wanted to ask about some choices. How was "the best defense"? I found most players incorrectly feared tarkin and went for him anyway, so best defense wouldn't have been great. Why choose Push over throw? Did you feel you had enough removal in the tourney? I ran more than you and always felt i wanted more. What would you cut for Hidden Motive, assuming you'd add it when Rivals is legal.

ciamoslaw 1

Could you please explain why/what role has 2x chance cube? I play a lot of Tarkin 7s and i really dont like chance cube in this deck.

TheKraftyOne 291

@Winter_soldier I’ve liked it in the slow matchups were you can bounce your zeros to gain a resource. I may try different ones in the future.

@Shardaddy The best defense was ok but I wouldn’t run more than one because you still want him around later in the game to power action down the last character. I’ve loved Push for the 2 range side. Also against Special chaining decks throw feels kinda bad. I might cut the Dark Council and a Force push. The council has been decent but I haven’t loved it as of late. Push is also the weaker force ability, but still serves a purpose. I was also considering now playing Tactical Mastery unsure what to cut for that as well.

TheKraftyOne 291

@ciamoslaw Chance cube is there to our resource your opponent so you can just play more things. You threaten a lot more possibilities having 4-6 resources. Also against Hondo if they don’t have vandalize early they lose to the cube. Loved the card definitely feels like a core part of the deck now.

Ion87 25

Why no seeker droids? Others upgrades just better and no room? Nice that they’re 2 cost though.

TheKraftyOne 291

@Ion87 after extensive testing, seeker Droids just don’t give enough power for what they cost. And after testing Vibroknife in its place, there was no looking back.