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RebelSpy 1258

Hey friends, here's the deck I took to top 8 at the San Diego regional. I'll be talking about this deck/event a lot on this week's Jedi Trials & Smuggler's Den.

A quick rundown:

I ended 7-1 in swiss, losing to a Kylo/Talzin deck that won by milling me.

I think the reason I found success with this deck was twofold:

First, people throughout the day were targeting Rieekan first, which allowed me to focus on keeping him alive long enough to discard most of their deck, and then finish off with 3PO and the yellow characters.

Secondly, people didn't really play around Jar Jar. One of the best ways to deal with Jar Jar is to just activate him first at the start of every round. I expected people to do that, which is why I played 2 Negotiate and the Con Artist; I was hoping they'd activate him for me and then I could either immediately resolve a 2 on Con Artist or the , and if not I'd at least have a character die in the pool for Negotiate.

While Jar Jar is certainly funny, Ezra very well may have been better in this deck. Theoretically, Jar Jar could act as a free reroll for my opponent every round. That said, his die was pretty good all day, and all 5 non-blank sides of it were quite useful. Ezra's 1 and +2 would've been useless without including Disarm.

This deck is also very weak to Vandalize or other support removal such as Force Rend (which I found out in my Top 8 match against Tiny, where that single card absolutely wrecked me.). Without C-3PO, the ability for me to discard cards from hand was significantly limited.

I think not playing 2 Vandalize myself was really greedy of me. I didn't feel like there were many upgrades or supports I'd want to destroy other than an opposing C-3PO, so I didn't bother. However, in the Top 8 it would have allowed me to discard Tiny's Force Rend and likely win those games (I was 2/3 against Kylo/Talzin without Force Rend).

MVP Cards:

Scrap Heap - Holy crap, so much money!

Easy Pickings - Broken.

Into The Garbage Chute - Not quite as broken, but still broken.

Fall Back - Won me at least 2 of my games.

Hyperspace Jump - Won me every Ancient Lightsaber game.

C-3PO - I don't really need to elaborate here.

Con Artist - Every game I had it early, it milled 6+ cards.

Cards that weren't as useful as I'd hoped:

All Quiet On The Front - I only actually used this card in 2 or 3 of my games. Most of the time, I just didn't need it and milled fast enough anyway. It was nice to have, but I don't think it is 100% necessary for the deck.

Flank - I occasionally didn't meet the requirements for Flank after my opponent activated my Jar Jar. Still good, but something else might be better.

Negotiate - A couple times, this card was a blowout, but with the number of dice that people are getting on the board, it loses quite a bit of value in some matchups.

Edit: Cards I considered but didn't make the final deck:

Scout - the early versions of this deck had scout, but I ended up liking Barteringbetter.

Vandalize - this is the card I wish I had put in the deck, reasons for why I didn't are above.

Friends in Low Places - I thought about putting this in to snipe Vandalize from my opponent's hand, but found that it was never reliable enough and the slot would be better used as removal.

Spy Net - I like this card, but just don't think the deck needed it. I milled people fast enough without it, and it eventually became a 2nd Scrap Heap which was one of my best cards.

Hunker Down - These were hard to cut, but eventually I swapped them out for Spirit of Rebellion. Good thing I did, because I played against 7 melee decks at the event.

Strike Briefing - Great for dealing with Ancient Lightsaber or just removing a key card from your opponent's deck while milling them. Overall too low impact and Hyperspace Jump did a good enough job of finishing the Ancient Lightsaber games, so it got cut.

My goal was to Top 8 a Regional with Jar Jar, so I'm quite happy with how the day went.

Again, if anyone wants to hear more about the deck and my matches, check out The Jedi Trials & The Smuggler's Den this week :)


TheHyperloops 2998

How were the chance cubes? I figure with reiken and jar jar(sort of) they were probably fine. 1 AQOTF is probably necessary with mirrors running around. Also wondering if you considered scout? I've always liked it as another way of discarding. Good job, nice list.

RebelSpy 1258

@TheHyperloops Thanks! The chance cubes were pretty good. With focus sides on Rieekan and 3PO being able to turn anything into a focus, I was able to get the full 3 resources most of the time (and then of course being able to discard for 2-3 with 3PO was nuts). That said, I preferred seeing early Scrap Heaps. The money came in much more quickly (usually first action, after activating Rieekan).

I do totally agree on the AQOTF for the mirror. I didn't play any mirror matches that day, but assuming this wasn't randomly milled off the top, it would've been a key card there.

I did consider Scout, but decided to go with Bartering instead. I think I like Bartering better early game since it makes money more consistently, and I needed all I could get. Scout is probably slightly better late-game, where you can guarantee specials with 3PO, but it was never really an issue in my games.


Loved hearing there was a mill deck running a muck up the ladder and making top 8. Also hilarious hearing people say they got beat by Jar Jar, lol. I like your build, works well with the character line-up. Ran a mill myself, check it out if you’d like, every loss was so close, interested in how much health you left on your wins...?

WookiesRights 48

NICE! After our games I'm glad I could hook you on Jar Jar mill. Strangely enough though, our builds could not be more different. How was Negotiate and Into the Garbage Chute for you?

RebelSpy 1258

@WookiesRights! I was trying to remember your handle on here :) Thanks for setting me on the path of the righteous!

Negotiate was pretty good, but not always amazing. Especially in the Kylo/Talzin matchup, if they activate Talzin first, they can just remove the Dark Counsel or Crystal Ball die and not take too much of a hit. It did help quite a bit against Obi Maz when they let me roll out first.

Into The Garbage Chute was amazing, most of the time I was able to exhaust Jar Jar to remove 4-6 damage with just 1 card. Very clutch!

RebelSpy 1258

@XxGRYPHONxX Thanks! In the games that I won, I often still had all 3 characters up, or Rieekan had just died. So with the 15 hp on Jar Jar + Partisan, Second Chance x2 and shields, I still had quite a bit of HP for my opponents to chew through.

maximus 480

Do you think Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief would be better in replacement of Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast to make or steal money? What was the utility of Into The Garbage Chute in the actual meta with special chaining? Another Electroshock and one or two Loth-Cat and Mouse wouldn't be better?

RebelSpy 1258

@maximus I think Ezra would probably be fine. I tested Ezra as well since I was worried about people just playing around Jar Jar. Even when they did, I liked Jar Jar better. Ezra's die is just kinda bad in this deck other than the and . I tried with Disarm in as well, but was just never able to use it effectively. Jar Jar's die is actually very useful in this deck, and the natural side came in handy more than once.

Into The Garbage Chute was incredible. Exhausting either Jar Jar or the Partisan to remove 4-6 damage was always worth it. I only came across one Yoda deck, but this was still able to remove both of Poe's dice or Poe + Poe's Blaster on more than one occasion. I definitely wouldn't have swapped either copy for an Electroshock. As for Loth-Cat and Mouse, I was usually fine on resources and would rather just pay 1 then lose a character die. If I were to put in Loth-Cat, I'd probably sub it in for Flank for reasons mentioned in the write-up.

Drop it like it's Hutt 2

Having Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast dice in early can also set up early use of Loth-Cat and Mouse. Any thoughts on using Loth-Cat in this deck or similar ones? I play blue in my Rieekan mill because I hate not having Caution and Defensive Stance. It sounds like you had no trouble keeping shields in play to power Rieekan?

Dave Sharona 606

Scout is your closer, get it back in there