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Roomba 197

My first real trilogy deck. Stack your weapons on Aayla or Yoda, depending on who your opponent targets and use your shields on the Guard to keep him alive and eating dice.

It is a little bit of a budget deck since I only have 1 2PG and only pulled 1 heirloom and wave. I'd definitely add another heirloom and Rey's Lightsaber if you can.

TURN THOSE DICE! This is a bit of a late game hitter because the character's don't have super strong dice, but the upgrades do, so once you get going and have a few upgrades, turn those dice to the big sides and swing away!

Use Yoda's ability to get resources and shields early and then turn dice and shields later in the match.

Have fun and as always, constructive criticism and feedback is always appreciated!


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