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agent4doom 1

This deck is super slow so dont expect to clam battlefeild to much.

Currently 10-2 so far. Made to completely flatten decks with no dice removal. I made this to oppose the Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Master and Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen deck my friend made. He's never beaten this deck yet using his :P

Why did I use two Rose - Skilled Mechanic dice instead of two Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader dice? Well, I have tried two dice Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader and he seems to die before i can ever use his power action, but when i used two dice Rose - Skilled Mechanic my opponents didn't know who to kill first: my money maker or my dice re roller or my damage dealer. Also, even if Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader dies I only lose one die instead of two dice and if Rose - Skilled Mechanic dies i still have Wedge Antilles - Squad Leaders power action to use.

Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast could maybe be replaced with Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen tho I'm not sure how that would turn out.

You always want Rally Aid right away it helps big time when paying for high costing cards. Also, get Tech Team same idea as Rally Aid.

Natural Pilot, Strategic Planning, and Reckless Reentry are all there to use your supports extra.

Partnership and Deploy Squadron just there for extra turns just in case.

Maz's Vault and Smuggling Freighter there for some extra cash.

Pinned Down there for dice removal (this deck has none unless you count Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast).

Make sure to have an extra Runaway Boomas die because of the power action.

Ooooooooooh boy. The big one. Planned Explosion. using this can really change the game. If you get the perfect rolls you can use this turn one.

2/13/2018 Edit:

Forgot about perfect hand. There are two hands you want to aim for.

  1. Always try to get Planned Explosion and Resistance Bomber in your hand. Use Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader's power action and you already need only 4 more for Planned Explosion which will be easy to get with all the characters. If you don't get battlefield to play Resistance Bomber then aim for the special on Rose - Skilled Mechanic's dice or the resource side on the other characters. Planned Explosion is better then indirect damage because you could kill one of their characters turn 1, which is better then them splitting it between characters.

  2. If 1. doesn't work try aiming for Rally Aid and Tech Team. They have worked out very well for me when paying for big costing cards like Pirate Speeder Tank and U-Wing and i have been able to get thing like that on turn one.

This is a very fun deck to play even tho it doesn't look like it.


agent4doom 1

Also planning on taking this to regionals. I'll let you know how I did when I go on the 24th.

maximus 480

Put C-3PO in there as he can help getting money, shields or direct damage from indirect damage (can give you melee damage to remove an Hunker Down). You need Into The Garbage Chute and Flank to help you keep your 3 characters longer. You should play Hired Gun instead of Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast. He brings you good number for the Planned Explosion and can give you resources. I would also put Cheat to get back your Planned Explosion from the discard. 2 Planned Explosion round 1 and 2 are always fun. Vehicles costing more than 3 cost too much when you don't play Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader. Replace them with T-47 Airspeeder and Z-95 Headhunter (You want at least 2 faces on your dies with 2 or 3 values). Put another Y-Wing. Maybe another Runaway Boomas and no Quadjumper. 10 supports costing a maximum of 3 should give you what you need for a big Planned Explosion. Docking Bay - Finalizer would also be a better choice of battlefield that you want to have in play in case Resistance Bomber or any other important support you have get vandalized wiith Vandalize. 2 Partnership and 2 Deploy Squadron should be good. Reckless Reentry and Strategic Planning should not be needed. Swiftness should help for a big surprise before playing Partnership or Deploy Squadron. Smuggling Freighter are not needed also. Sound The Alarm could save you in many occasion against god rolls. I'm actually playing small vehicles and it can beat any deck of the meta. I'm trying to modify it to get some Planned Explosion also. Just for laugh!!!

maximus 480

If you have mitigations, you could avoid playing Rose - Skilled Mechanic and putting 2 yellow characters with Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader at elite. Check my deck and you'll understand how you can do one Planned Explosion each round starting from the first!

agent4doom 1

@maximus Thanks for the help! I'll try out your suggestions and see how it does!