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quixote 88

Mulligan Hard for Arms Deal to get ahead in the ramp. Talzin fixes IG-88's dice to special and Port District to play 3 costs for 1 with ambush, so you can always claim. Chain Force Speed into Hush 98 focus to All in for big damage swings Splash AOE damage with Thermal Detonator and Relby. Keep IG-88 alive with armor plating recycling, force illusion and witch magick.


SirLonestar 71

I like the concept but unfortunately Port District can't be used in conjunction with IG's special. It's been clarified that Port District only gives the 3 cost card ambush if you actually paid 3 for it. If its cost is reduced by some card/die effect, then you don't get the ambush =(

quixote 88

Doh! I'll change to Outer Rim Outpost - Nal Hutta