Hero Rainbow Vehicles Deck

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henrstin 1

Hey this is the first deckI have published. I decided to publish it because when my family goes to tournaments we win a decent amount and I kept beating my brother and father with this deck.

Maz Kanatta and Yoda use their focuses on the chance cubes to get you lots of money to play big vehicles. Wedge Antilles changes your vehicle die sides to get lotsof damage out on the field. Once I was able to get 6 vehicles (all costing 3 or more) in 3 turns.

This deck is only using my best cards. I only own one U-Wing so i can only put one in even though there should be 2. I will soon edit this deck though because I am about to buy a Ghost and more vehicles that are better. Tell me what you think about it and what I should add.

This deck will be edited a lot because I am still editing it in real life.


henrstin 1

Let me know what I should add down here and I hope you like this deck.

Nexashe 45

Flanking Manuevre? Runaway booma's & T-47 > delta 7, eta-2, resistance bomber and y wing. You NEED C3P0 and smuggling freighters

henrstin 1

@Nexashe I know but I am only putting the cards I actually own