Seventh Fett

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Hhraath 1

1st attempt at a Seventh Sister, Boba Fett deck. Any notes welcome!


kalzarunshackled 8

I use 7th/Boba as my main deck and a few things to note:

9/10 they go after seventh sister first, so the only "Blue Character Only" card I run is a Maul's Lightsaber since its so great with boba. I think you could drop Force Speed and Kylo Ren's Lightsaber for 2 Lightsaber Pull. Heirloom Lightsaber, Ancient Lightsaber, and Maul's Lightsaber are most powerful at different times, and you can get what you need more commonly without running more copies of any one of them. You may want more cheap removal. You want get all the time out of sister you can while still putting out upgrades.

Cards I'd cut: Force Speed, Kylo Ren's Lightsaber, Vibrocutlass, VibroknucklersIt Binds All Things,My Kind of Scum, Rise Again, Stronger You Have Become

Potential adds: On The Hunt, Dark Counsel, Bait and Switch, Doubt, Electroshock, Mislead. I'd seriously advise Truce, all 5 of your dice can roll disrupt, so if you dont like giving them one just disrupt it away. A turn 1 Maul's Lightsaber can really set the pace of a game.

Hhraath 1

Great notes, kalzarunshackled! Thanks!

zmanfarlee 19

I would say Bait and Switch is a MUST in this deck. This is what we ran in Miami:

I think hidden motive is great mitigation that is now available too.